Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Yum Yum Raw Un-Baking

I made my raw goodie's...YUM!
Choccies in progress.

I also made some choccies with a nut filling but I am filling these choccies with a delicous caramel cream filling...Yum.

For the caramel cream watch this You Tube for 'Raw Turtles.'
(if you want me to remove your video from my blog Colleen then just give me a shout)

Here is the end results of my choccies. I have cut one of the nut and one of the caramel choccies in half so you can see the centres.

Ever so YUMILOUS onion bread. This is my favourite EVER!

James LOVES these crackers.

Well, I have been raw all day today starting with a green juice this morning, onion bread at lunch time, snacks have been 2 persimmons and a few raw choccies and tonight I am going to make Penni's at RFR Eggless Salad from her 'Revolve To Evolve' e-book...YUM! WOW! All these delicous foods!!

I have done housework today and that is about it.
I will post a pic of my evening meal, eggless salad later or tomorrow.

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