Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Little Waster....

"Happy February peeps"
I'm no little waster. I made my green juice last night....2 jars full one of which I had this morning for Breakfast. I kept the pulp from the juice to make crackers with.....no waste there!

This evening I made my hubbies sandwiches for his lunch tomorrow and instead of putting the scraps into the bin or composter I grabbed a lock n lock tub out of the cupboard and I have put the lettuce spines, cucumber and bits of tomato into the tub and into the fridge, I will do this for a day or two and then I am going to make juice with it.....no waste there either.....I do believe I am getting the hang of all this, forward thinking.
I used the veg pulp from the juice last night to make the crackers tonight which are now in the dehydrator and will be done tomorrow. I followed Bills recipe, Bill is a member on RFR. I soaked some Chia seeds added the pulp, 2 mashed up avocado's, hemp seeds, salt, a little water, gave it all a thorough mixing and then spread it onto 3 dehydrator sheets, I think these are going to be lovely! I tasted a tad of the mix and it was delicous! That is the beauty of raw food, foods can be tasted/eaten as is or dehydrated, so tasting is good whereas if I were making a meat loaf for the family then I obviously couldn't taste the mix before it went into the oven because of the raw meat.....I would end up ill....BLEURGH!
I have also put 2 trays of onion bread into the dehydrator, like an oven, we gotta fill those babies up.
I have to say, my youngest son, James loves onion bread and I have also discovered he likes hemp seeds also....WOW! Of course he eats a few hemp seeds and walks away saying "I'm a raw foody now"....teehee

A couple of days ago when I made the raw choccies I had a couple of the choccies that mid morning, after eating them I noticed that I felt wide awake, alert and full of energy, the reason for this I am putting down to the Cacao, so I am going to make some more tonight and maybe have a small mid morning treat tomorrow morning to see if it is the Cacao that is making me alert. I am constantly tired and falling asleep mid mornings and I CAN NOT keep doing that, it isn't right!!

I will post pics of my crackers, onion bread and choccies tomorrow.

Okay, I'm going to quickly make some raw choccies and then to bed.
Night Night

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