Friday, 26 February 2010


Listen to the words of this WONDERFUL song! Isn't Dolly Parton Brilliant?!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010

Excalibur Dehydrator

I woke up this morning with a headache, so after taking my anti depressant I decided to take some pain killers also. I checked my emails etc and then promptly fell back to sleep, unfortunately when I woke up I still had the headache. It is now 7.05pm and I STILL have the headache.....not nice. Thinking a walk in the cool winter air would help this headache we decided to take an afternoon walk into town and back, nope! It didn't help but it is good exercise anyway which I have been lacking in loads lately. Despite feeling pained today I have felt rather calm which has been nice.

Over the last couple of days I have been raw uncooking and I have had the dehydrator going and here are some results.

First of all, Rhio's Bagels:

Second, I had some Nut Pulp and so I dehydrated it and then put it through the Vitamix, I now have a stock of Nut Flour which I can use in Cookies. I will be using this flour in Cookies only because it is Nut Pulp with Dates in from when I have been making Nut Milks, I always sweeten my Nut Milks with Dates. This flour will keep in a jar in the fridge for up to 30 days.

Next is Cheese Crackers.

I usually make this and pour it over Kale to make my Cheesey Kale. It is quite versatile and can be made into crackers or even ground to make cheese sprinkles to sprinkle onto raw Pasta etc. The cheese flavour comes from adding Nutritional Yeast which has a very cheesey is GREAT! Nutritional Yeast is not a raw product but it is used a lot in the raw world.

For my evening meal tonight I had a Bagel with Avocado, Alfalfa Sprouts and a few sliced Cherry Tomatoes that I have home grown in my Aerogarden....GORGEOUS!

I am going to have some Pineapple now.

Back tomorrow.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


FAB! I received my couple other items today....EXCITING!
Here is the first. It is a NEW DVD by Rhio.

I am hoping to also buy volumes 2 & 3 as soon as they become available.
My second parcel today was this:

A Ceramic Fermenting Pot. I am looking for a good book to start a load of fermenting, of course fermented foods are RAW foods.

Again, I haven't done a lot today apart from my usual, I didn't do my dehydrating or Pasta Marinara.....LAAAAZZZZZY! So, I haven't got a lot to report, I haven't even been past the door today, just another lazy get up and go, got up and went somewhere and I don't know where....BOOHOO! Ah well! I am sure to make up for it and I will end up being so busy very soon....that is usually what happens.

I am very happy with my NEW purchases lately!

Back tomorrow with hopefully a more productive day.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Thankyou Philip!

I just received a lovely comment from the GORGEOUS Philip Mccluskey!! Thankyou for that Philip! The video is FABULOUS! And I can understand with loads of what you said. Making everyday a good day is in our hands...POSITIVE THINKING and APPRECIATION!
I have to say, Philip is quite a funny guy, I did have a few giggles with some of the witty things he was saying, and he has done FANTASTIC! With weight loss...over 200lb loss...WELL DONE!!

I stepped on the scales this morning ANNNND I have lost 4.7lb over the last 2 weeks, pretty good eh?

I have just done my usual housework today so not a lot else to report.
I am waiting for a couple more items to be delivered which I will show you when they arrive.

I am going to get on with a few raw recipes tomorrow. For my evening meal tomorrow I am thinking of making Marinara Pasta from Alissa Cohens book, this is a nice recipe. I will have a good look through my books and see what I fancy making. I have LOADS of raw books and DVD's now.

Well I am rambling so I will get myself off and up the wooden hill and I will get back tomorrow.

Nighty nite!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Raw and Narrow

Saturday just gone I done a HUUUUGE! Grocery shop. Started off with Asda at 8.30am then I had to pop into town and the Health Food Shop for my Brazil Nuts and Linseeds (Flax Seeds). Early afternoon we went to Costco where I spent £127 on pure goodness and a NEW Water Filter with 1 years supply of filters....NICE ONE!! No naughties seem to go into my Costco trolley any more, I am always too eager to grab my Fruit and Veg which are a FANTASTIC quality! I hasten to add. I did score a box of Mangoes, 9 Mangoes for £3.79 now that was GREAT! Because Mangoes, which I feel are of a lesser quality are £1 each in Asda. I also bought a 680g tub of Blueberries for only £4.29 another bargain because it is usually £3 for two TINY tubs of Blueberries in Asda. I also bought my usuals of Apples, Lemons, Garlic, Medjool Dates, Avocados etc etc Oh! And a huge bag of Pine Nuts.

Aren't these FAB? And they are big also!!

I received a couple of BRILLAINT! Raw orders this morning, the first from Raw Living.

Magic Mix is SOOOO YUMCIOUS!!!! I bought 2 bags this time. I also bought Ionic Drops, premium grade Madgascar Vanilla Beans and there are 6 Vanilla Beans in the packet for only £4.95 BARGAIN considering you can spend more than that for ONE Vanilla Bean in other shops. There is also a bag of the GORGEOUS Chia Seeds, Probio-Easy and a FREE bag of Hi Trail Mix because my order was over £50.

My next parcel this morning was from Shazzie's shop.

2 Cartons of Coconut Milk, 1 x 500g bag of Hemp Protein Powder which is to help with cravings as well as ALLL the other health benefits, and not forgetting the GORGEOUS Philip Mccluskey DVD.

Well that is my latest buys, hope you like them.

I am going to measure my body aswell as weighing to keep a check on any weight loss although I am not exercising at the moment. I am thinking of going 100% raw overnight because at the moment I am still sneaking the odd little bit of cooked which is keeping my taste buds in the cooked food world and I am feeling negative unhealthy feelings from this but when I stick to raw the positive healthy benefits I feel, which I feel very quickly are THE BEST! WELL WORTH BEING RAW!!

Back tomorrow

Friday, 5 February 2010

That Grosses Me Out!

Another late Breakfast this morning afternoon 12.40pm to be exact. I have ran out of Grapes and Persimmons which I like to have on my Breakfast so I just had Pear, Banana and ground Brazils - nice all the same!

I was hungry when I went to bed last night but then I would be because all I could be bothered to make for myself for my evening meal was Banana Icecream, raw of course. I sprinkled some Lucuma over it but I sprinkled on far too much and although Lucuma is lovely, I LOVE IT! I don't like too much, so I didn't finish my Icecream. When I got out of bed this morning I did feel lighter and not as sluggish.
YEUUUUU! In the bin goes the remainder of my Breakfast. I have been eating my Breakfast whilst doing my blog and I just found one of my hairs in it.....BLEURGH! Thats it! If I find a hair even my own in my food I CAN NOT eat it! It GROSSES ME OUT!

I have things soaking and sprouting so I am hoping to get on with a few things later, I will post pics. That is one of the reasons my Breakfast got later and later.....I have a load of things to rinse etc.
I quite fancy making a Corn Chip recipe from Alissa Cohens book, it seems like it will be really nice, going off the ingredients.

I am still incorporating my rota's into my day which is going good although the odd things doesn't get done because I have much more on my plate these day because something has changed in my life since last September and I don't have quite as much spare time. I wont say what it is just yet, nothing bad, just a change and a challenge for me.
I still want to try to incorporate exercise into my day especially as I have an even BIGGER variety of exercise DVD's and not forgetting all the exercise equipment I have....AMAZING! I used to have mainly Aerobic DVD's but now I have dance i.e. Salsa, Bellydancing etc etc in my collection which will make exercising SOOOO much more fun!! Planning is the secret!

I have to say, I am starting to enjoy blogging again, although I always did enjoy blogging but I am getting back into it.

Well I may get back later, if not, then tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Practise Makes Perfect

I get up in the morning with such gusto ready to get on with my raw day and I do start off with a healthy raw Breakfast but it is difficult for me when I have to have so many naughties in the house for my husband and boys. I do have raw snacks throughout most of the day but by late afternoon I am craving naughties and I sometimes succumb to these little bits of naughties.
When I stick to my raw food 100% the benefits I feel within a matter of days are quite profound, I feel SOOO much better in such a short period of time, it amazes me every time, so why can't I stick to 100% raw 100% of the time? Well I think it is laziness but by sticking to 100% raw I start to feel I have more energy and so it gets easier with preparing my raw meals but just one lazy spot and then BANG! I have grabbed something not raw and then that in turn can lessen my energy...a downward spiral begins for days making it hard to get back onto my raw would have thought I would have learnt my lesson by now!!

Well I have every single piece of machinery to stick to raw, even down to a large Amercian Fridge Freezer. I have just about every single item of raw foods, super foods, supplements etc etc so, time to put them ALL into practise 100% OF THE TIME!! This is a 100% 28 day raw challenge but it isn't a challenge, it is a lifestyle change!!

Again this morning I got up and went through my usual routine, shower, hair and makeup, floors and kids and then my Breakfast but because of sorting the boys out etc I didn't manage to get my Breakfast until Lunch time, not a problem, who said we have to stick to certain times of the day to eat? Silly idea, we should eat when hungry but eat healthy, although, having said that, it isn't good to eat late in the evening but that is for our own benefit, we don't want food sitting in our tummy's and disturbing our sleep do we?

I have Chickpeas soaking to make raw Hummus, I have Buckwheat soaking to make Pizza Bases and I have Wheatberries soaking for whatever, I can't remember, I will have to check in Alissa Cohens Raw book.
Notice that I have grains etc soaking this is because I want to cut down on the nut products as nuts are high in calories, so at the most I will only have nuts once a day.

I am making the family mince and veg tonight for their evening meal, I am having raw. I am thinking of shredding veg and fruit and having a HUGE salad, salad can be very filling!! I actually LOVE preparing raw foods, it is different instead of making the same old meals. I have never got bored with making raw foods....AMAZING!!

I am feeling tired today as I didn't get to bed until about 3.00am - mad I know but I was reading. I will not stray off my raw wagon - I AM DETERMINED!! I want to be slim, fit and healthy and this is the road to go down.
Angie at In The RawRealm has gone down that road and WOW! That lady looks AMAZING! You can also check out Angie's You Tube

Back later today, hopefully

Monday, 1 February 2010

NEW 28 Day Challenge

Right! I am on a 28 day challenge to stay 100% raw for the month of February, well it is the shortest month of the year. No sneaky bits of Choccy, if I want something naughty I am going to have to create something naughty and raw.

I weighed myself this morning and although I like Thursday's to be my weigh day I am going to stick to Mondays throughout this month.

I am also getting my butt back into gear and following my housework and beauty rota's and I am hoping to get into my exercise rota's.

Found a lovely recipe this morning to make Saurkraut so here it is:

I am going to have a go at making this in a week or so, when I next get to Asda.

I am still on anti-depressants but I went been to see my GP last week and I have decided to try to reduce them and see how I go, ideally I would like to be off them to see how eating a raw diet can help rather than resorting to medication, need to be careful though I DO NOT want to sink into a deep depression again, one day at a time, at least I have that buffer that if needed I can increase them again with my GP's consent.

Okay, I started my morning off with spilling water on my bed covers....STUPID! At least it was just plain water and not too much, just 1/4 cup, I then came out of the bathroom and banged my foot on the side of one of the boys old TV's that are on the landing floor waiting for me to find a place to store them as spares incase anything goes wrong with their new TV's that we bought them for Christmas and they don't have a TV to play their computer games....god forbid that should happen - not bad for the first hour or so of the morning - bruised foot and I need to dry the bed cover.....teehee I can laugh now because I am safe just sitting here typing this, I am safe, aren't I?? Never know when it comes to me....teehee

I made some Cheesey Kale yesterday which are now in a Lock n Lock. I have some Alfalfa sprouting and I am hoping to get some more things going in the deydrator today, I will let you know.

Well, I need to get on with cleaning my bathroom and patio doors today which are on my rota, beauty comes this evening.

Should get back later today but if not then I will be back tomorrow for the 2nd day of my 28 day challenge.