Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Week 1 - Zumba

Okay, I watched Bill on RFR and he showed how to do his 60 second exercises and so I tried them and PHEW! I really felt it but the worst of it is, I started to feel it after just about 25 seconds, so I came to the conclusion that I SERIOUSLY need to start an exercise programme, it's not as if I am short of a variety of DVD's or exercise equipment is it? I have HEAPS of stuff i.e. treadmills 2 of, electric and manual, vibration machine, leg master, ab roller, gym balls, pilate equipment, yoga equipment, pilates machine etc etc etc and for the DVD's I have Salsa, Aerobics, gym ball, pilates, yoga, belly dancing, step box, zumba etc etc etc the list goes on!!
I have decided to start the zumba programme which is as follows:


Day 1
Zumba Basics DVD - followed by total body stretch

Day 2
Zumba Basics - followed by TBS

Day 3
Zumba 20 minute Express

Day 4

Day 5
Zumba 20 minute Express

Day 6

Day 7
Zumba 20 minute Express

So there you have it. Looks good!

I noticed we had a red light on our NEW (less than a year since it was installed) gas boiler, so my OH phoned British Gas at 6.30am they said they would send an engineer to check it but my OH had to tell them not to send anyone around until the afternoon because my OH had to go to work and I had to take my eldest son, Michael to the scrap yard for things for his car. I ended up sitting in the car waiting for Michael for 2 hours....pfft - After waiting for over an hour I was starting to get worried incase he had come to harm, scrap yards are dangerous places, so I went into the yard, a man came to help me and after chatting to the man he told me that Michael was still there and that he had got two items he wanted but he wanted more things...I had a feeling I had longer to wait after hearing that, and I did....gotta laugh! The things we do for our kids eh?

I got home for about lunch time and waited for the gas engineer who came at 2.00pm he told us the problem was nothing and fixed it within seconds. Finally I could get the heating back on.

Today we had our grandchildren around for a visit and I have my grandson, Michael for the afternoon tomorrow, that should be fun, it will be because baby Michael is so funny!!

Well, I just wanted to update you of my latest but I am now back daily, I have been missing not updating daily!!

Okay night night for now, back tomorrow.

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