Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dark Nights

The clocks went back an hour last night, this is the start of our Winter. I quite like the Winter months!

Okay, I am going to do a 60 day raw challenge. The 60 days take me up to Christmas Eve. No more cooked foods or processed naughties, well, not unless it is raw. I have an idea to make Hemp cream filled raw Chocolates....naughty but RAW...YUM!
I might relax a tad over the Christmas but my main aim is to eventually become 100% raw

This weekend has been nothing to speak of, not a lot happening at all......borrriiinnngg!

Oh! I bought a new vacuum just a tad over a year ago.....IT'S PAGGERED!......GRRRRR....BOOOHOOO - Actually, it is still working but it is extremely loud so I am going to have to pop out at the weekend and buy another......humffff....perfect timing eh? Right near Christmas - ah well!

I have been growing Wheatgrass over the last few days which is quite long now but not long enough to juice just yet. I am growing it on Kitchen paper instead of soil and it is growing really well, it is so much cleaner than using the soil, and cheaper I feel.
I have also been sprouting Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds which have now sprouted so I am going to marinade them in Tamari then dehydrate them to make what are called Sunseeds. Raw Living sell them and Kate was giving the information out on her You Tube about how to make them. Worth a try!

I might weigh in tomorrow so I can keep a check of weight loss between now and the end of my 60 days or I might just keep my Thursdays as my weigh in day.....ummm not sure yet, I will ponder on that one over night.

I am DEFINTELY going to get on with exercise, I need to!!!!!!!
I will log everything, hopefully on a daily basis.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just As Well......

I like cleaning my home! We have had the grandchildren over last week and I have already had to strip my furniture covers and wash those, I done that on Wednesday and tonight I have just finished deep cleaning my living room carpet. I will be doing all this and more again nearer to Christmas because I thoroughly deep clean my whole house at Christmas time. At the start of December I begin the big clean. Nice to do a thorough clean then because the house is still clean under furniture and on top of furniture for the start of the New Year.

Well I made the family Bacon and Egg for brunch, I say brunch because they got up a tad later this morning because of our VERY INCONSIDERATE neighbours having yet ANOTHER of their parties. I am starting to log it all down now. This has been going on for years. Their parties start at around 6.30pm - 7.00pm and literally go on until around 6.30AM - 7.00AM the following morning. Their parties are 12 hour parties every time and they have quite a few throughout the year. They don't seem to be bothered what day of the week these parties occur, it doesn't matter to them if my boys or my OH have to be up for work or school. They also have a disabled son.

This afternoon we had another afternoon nap, trying to catch up on a little bit of quality sleep.

I started my day off with my raw healthy Fruit and Brazil Nuts....FAB! But later on today, after our nap, I sneaked a few Chips, I wouldn't care but I don't particularly like them....madness - I could have had some Durian instead......Grrrr - I just didn't think, I maybe still had my sleepy head on.....TeeHee

I am still working towards a Raw lifestyle and I will continue to do so for as long as it takes.

Well that is about it for now. I am popping out tomorrow for my tea for my Kombucha so I will probably be back tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Walk Into Town

I got up bright and I do, then I went through my usual morning routine. I decided to take a walk into town this morning, my OH wanted a new battery for his watch and I needed to go to the Health Food Store to stock up on Brazil Nuts and Figs for my Kefir. Whilst in town I had a walk around the market, yes and to the sweetie stall where I did buy a little something for myself and which I sort of enjoyed, well, a little something now and again doesn't harm. I have to say, I think I am definitely going off Chocolate, well, not going off it, I just don't feel so much a need for it any more.....that's got to be good!! Anyway, whilst on the market I spotted this:

and ONLY £5....WOW! Just for these two items it is usually around £12.95. Here is a LINK to it with one extra smaller slicer and it is 14.99 then with P+P the total cost works out at £19.95 so, I would say I picked up a bargain this morning and such a nice way to start my day off, with a bargain!! You can view the video of it at the above link also. These slicer, peeler, julienne cutters are said to be BRILLIANT! And for the price I had to buy one. Should be good for a quick raw snack/Salad.

Well, not a lot has happened today except for my score this morning. I fell asleep this afternoon and thats it! So I will go for now and if I have anything to report then I shall be back tomorrow.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Christmas Is In The Air....

And I can feel that nip in the air also......brrrr but OH SO LOVELY!! I particularly like this time of year, Autumn, the BEST!!
I got some parcels today one of which is a Christmas pressie for MOI! From my husband......what is it? I hear you ask? I know what it is.....WooHoo, I might tell ya.

I received one parcel first thing this morning. I ordered another 2 bags of Durian - LOVE IT! Jackfruit, Mangosteen and I thought I would try some of their bars of raw Chocolate....YUM!

Later today I received a second parcel.....EXCITING STUFF EH?
I received Camu Camu, He Shou Wu, Incan Berries, Greener Grasses and Etherium Gold and Suma which are the October offer....BRILL!

I know I haven't been blogging lately but we have had some serious stuff going on which I think has pretty much come to an end. There has been a court case involving a certain person. The court case was just last week. This incident has been going on since 2007 but only came to light in June last year.
Myself and my husband have been VICTIMS of a serious crime.
I have also had something else going on and it has been taking a bit of time to organise and to get settled into a routine with but we have pretty much got there with it. This is a different thing and is nothing to do with being the victim and the court case.
So there you go, that is why I haven't been blogging regularly lately.

First thing yesterday morning we popped to Asda to stock up on our basics and then we popped to Costco in the afternoon where I stocked up on some GORGEOUS Fruit and Veg. I cut out some of the Costco coupons and stocked up on some of their offers i.e. Lamb Shanks, Chickens, Sausage Rolls etc but these are for the family NOT ME! I hasten to add.

Oh! I bought a Kombucha Mother from a lovely lady in London this last week and now I have Kombucha brewing....YUM! Did I tell you that I had also bought some Milk and Water Kefir Grains a few weeks ago which I ferment daily? I can't remember if I did tell you, but anyway, I have those also...I am turning into a hippy.....ARRGGHH! No! I'm not, I am just into trying new things and being healthy, or trying to be healthy anyway.

When I done my grocery shopping yesterday I forgot to buy some good tea for my Kombucha so I am going to have to pop back for some good tea at some point.

Anyway, have I had you in suspense long enough? The pressie from my husband for Christmas is...................A Green Star Juicer....YeeeHaaa I have definitely got everything now that a raw foodist would want and should need.

I have also got all the attachments with this Green Star.....BRILLIANT!

Well, there you have all the latest gossip and goings on and hopefully I can get back to blogging more often.