Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Oh My!

I have followers and I didn't know....why? Because I haven't been in here for a little while because I had been thinking whether to update or not or to carry on with my blog but I decided that YES! I am going to carry on as this is a diary and is always nice to look back on......WOOHOO - SO! Here I am!

Okay, things have changed around here, I will let you know soon but in the meantime I am trying to get organised and routines into place....a tad difficult but I am getting there, albeit slowly.

This morning I had Fruit and ground Brazils for Breakfast and I also shredded and washed some Curly and Romaine Lettuce in preperation for Lunch. That is quite often my downfall, not being prepared, so that is another area I need to get organised in.

I received some Raw orders last week, I will post some pics of them later today.

Here we go.
I received some bags of dried Fruits - Jack Fruit, Durian and Mangosteen. This was the first time I had tried Jackfruit and Mangosteen. The Jackfruit is lovely. The Mangosteen although also very nice I found this to be bitter so what I am going to do is grind it down to a powder and sprinkle it over fruits, raw pies, puddings etc....GOOD IDEA EH?
I also received 3 Silicon molds so I can make individual raw Chocolates....YUM!

And here is my second order. I bought the Hemp Seeds and Reishi Mushroom Powder as the monthly offer and Lucuma I bought because I was running out of it....YUM!

Back later today.