Monday, 23 August 2010

Wasn't To Be

No, we decided not to get the dog, well it wouldn't be fair on the dog at the moment with us doing so much around here, so maybe sometime in the future we will get another pooch.

We popped to Asda this morning for a few bits and pieces. When we got home my OH skimmed a bit more of the walls. I had to go to see the nurse today to have that horrible lady check up...I HATE that!! We then popped along to see Michael, our grandchildren weren't there, they were with their mammy at the shops, always LOVE seeing our Michael though. When we got back home my OH finished skimming our livingroom pleased although there is still a lot to do yet.

My eating has been rather bad today and my friend Avril and I are reporting to each other on a daily basis with our daily menu's.....ummm I have been shocking today....BoooHooo

I have started to write a daily list of my to do things for my raw food which might also help me stay on track and to be more prepared, so on that note here is my list for tomorrow of raw things to do.
Juice Citrus Fruits - Ice lollies
Open Coconuts
Prepare Apple Cider Vinegar
Sort Kefir
Marinate Mushrooms
Prepare Saurkraut
Make Raw Krazy Krackers
Make Raw Onion Bread
Make Raw Corn Tortillas
Cheesy Kale Chips
Soak Buckwheat
Soak Wheat to make Wheatgrass

Quite a bit to do there but the Krazy Krackers, Onion Bread, Cheesy Kale Chips and the Tortilllas can all be put into the dehydrator together, thats the beauty of having a 9 tray Excalibur....I LOVE IT!!

I have felt rather down today, I think it was the thought of that lady check and the fact that it has rained like crazy today which has meant dark, dull skies. I am still on my anti-depressants which do help a lot, even during days like this because at least I don't start and sink into what feels like a never ending and very deep black pit, I just tend to go rather down and gloomy which doesn't last. I would say that most of the time I am a lot more happier and on top of life now. Maybe there is a pattern there, when I am down I eat badly yet the more raw I eat the happier I am, I need to stick to raw and try to fight against even feeling down......ummmm

Anyway I am off for some sleep as it is late, so, speak to you again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Pittar Patter Of....

little feet are about to be heard in our household......a new family member..........NO! I am NOT pregnant!!......We are getting a dog tomorrow. He is not the type of dog I would normally go for but this dog hasn't had much luck being re-homed, my nephew has been the foster owner for a while and he is the person who has to find a new home for the dog, do the home checks etc and my nephew said we can give the dog a new home, but what kind of dog is he? Well, he is a Beagle and I have to say he is a BEAUTIFUL dog, you will see him hopefully tomorrow, I will attempt to get a few pics uploaded.

We had borrowed a garden tool from my sister a few weeks ago and we needed to take it back so we took it back to my sisters today only to find her trying to fill a skip she had hired with a load of brick from a wall that she decided to knock down, so I said, well lets get this lot in the skip then shall we? We worked like stink and had the skip filled in about 1-1/2 hours.....FAB exercise!

Update of the last few day are as follows: The livingroom is half way through being skimmed and still in a mess....and we got the dog coming tomorrow...YIKES! I will sort of try to clean up.
You remember I told you about being invited to a raw potluck? The lady who invited me is called Avril well, we went to her home last Saturday and we all went to Costco for our produce and we just had to pop into the Nutri Centre where we were such a bad influence on each other....teehee she ended up spending about £37 there and I spent £42 - she bought sprouts and hemp butter because I did and I was buying loads of herbal teas because she between us both we should be good to keep each other on the raw path.

Anyway it is 11.52pm so I am going to sign off here and I will be posting pics and updating more tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Krackers, Treats, Cupcakes & Composters

Long time no blog!
We have been busy ALL DAY in the garden. My OH has stained the fences, cut huge bushes, some of the tree and hedges, it took us three trips to the amenities to get rid of it all. I have been planting Rosemary, Lavender and other bush plants and I now also have a lovely Strawberry plant from my sister....WooHoo.
I bought a lovely composter today....YeeeHaaa which I am already putting waste into....WeeeHeee I am so pleased to have a composter!
Well, I think that is the garden sorted, actually, not quite, just one more thing to do and that is to stain the side of the shed in the garden which Adam is going to be using for his snooker table, yep! It is quite a big shed but it is at the side of our garden, luckily we do have quite a large garden so it isn't a problem there and hasn't been since it was built back in the 90's. I will sort the staining on the shed tomorrow.

I want to let you all know about some FANTASTIC!! e-books I bought. Abeba's Raw Krazy Krackers, Abeba's Raw Edible Treats, Raw Moonie Pie and The Little Raw Cupcake e-book. If you are interested in purchasing these e-books then here are the links:

Abeba's Krazy Krackers and Edible Treats
Sweetly Raw Moonie Pie
The Little Rawdorable Cupcake Book

I am not sure how long the Rawdorable Cupcake book will be available for so if you want that e-book then don't leave it too long!!
I am going to be making some of the DELICIOUS goodies from these books....I can't wait!!

We are about to start the work in our livingroom but we are going to be skimming these walls also so things are going to take a tad longer than anticipated to get it all finished, still want it done before Christmas though....oh yes!! Our livingroom had already been skimmed but we had that done back in the 90's, so I suppose it is due again. Over the years we have just been wallpapering the walls which we have finished stripping the old wallpaper off a couple of days ago but because of wallpapering over the years it has left the walls rough but we are now skimming and painting all walls. After the livingroom walls we will then get the livingroom coving up and then start laminating all our downstairs floors. The livingroom wall skimming is going to be started tomorrow afternoon.....I will be glad when it is all done. The rest of the downstairs walls and coving are sorted, they were done a year or so ago.

I was going to go grocery shopping tomorrow but instead I am going to finish clearing the livingroom and I will do a BIG grocery shop in a few days.

I didn't get to the Raw Pot Luck today at Avril's, we were just SOOO busy, I will try to get there next month.

I must hack into my Green Coconuts tomorrow especially as my cleaver is now lovely and sharp after buying my CUTE PINK knife sharpener with 2 CUTE PINK knives to go with it...pic tomorrow.

Well, that is all for now so I will be back tomorrow.