Thursday, 31 March 2011


Because I am having problems with the layout on this blog I have decided to move to RawBluebell, so click here at RAWBLUEBELL and follow me there. I am starting my challenge with pics etc there and maybe the occasional video. I am still having problems with this blog, it keeps squashing everything up.....GRRRRR

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Since Sunday

I have been rather busy over these last few days what with visiting, receiving visitors, grocery shopping, goody shopping, grandchildren, housework etc.

Monday was full on housework and a quick visit to Tesco for some Buckwheat.
Tuesday was full on all day shopping. Asda first thing in the morning, home to put groceries away. I then picked up Michael's girlfriend and my grandson and we went to Costco, Tesco, the Nutri centre and Argos then home again to do housework.
Wednesday Had grandchildren here for a visit, housework.
Thursday we went to Michael's.
Friday we had a visitor, took the car for it's MOT...passed....phew!! Went for a little run in the car then housework.

My eldest and youngest grandchildren, Ebony and baby Michael stayed overnight last night and at this present moment they are playing, Michael is in hysterics at something.

I decided to buy a work station/kitchen island on Tuesday. My OH took the kitchen table down and we put the island in it's place, so I now have extra cupboard space and an extra work surface....I LOVE it!!

This is a pic from the store but I will take my own pic of it soon.
I am hoping to get raw recipes done tomorrow as I might JUST manage to get some time to myself to do things I want to do.

We have been to my dads tonight, he is SOO funny and always cheerful, no matter what is going on in his life.
We have also been to A&E at the hospital to get my OH's leg checked out, he has torn the muscle in his calf and it is bruised from the knee down, it looks rather nasty.

I will make sure I am back tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Newcastle And Pictures

Sorry I haven't been around for the last so many days, one day has led to another and before I knew it a good few days had passed.....CRAZY!

My dizziness had more or less gone but today it is flaring up again...totally puzzled as to why, but it has!

After watching a You Tube video where John was testing two types of Dehydrators, one being an Excalibur this made me aware that the temperatures could fluctuate which then prompted me to want to go and buy a digital thermometer. I done a search and found that Lakeland sell the digital thermometers that do everything except load the dish washer...teehee but the main thing that this digital thermometer does is that I can set it to a certain temperature and when my Excalibur reaches that temperature the digital thermometer will bleep and tell me if the temperature goes above the set temp. If you want to check out the you tube then click HERE
Here is a pic of the digital thermometer I bought incase anyone else is thinking of buying one to check their dehydrators.

I was rather pleased to see that Lakeland in Newcastle had the digital thermomters because we were going there anyway to take Adam and James to the 'Science Museum' which was very good. Halfway through our visit a HUUUUGE, GIANT robot walked in, it looked like Robocop. It walked very fast and loud thumps were heard with each step....very scary, I was scared anyway...what a sook eh? It was all part of the science fun, I think I have decided that I dont like science anymore!!.....TeeHee I didn't get any pics of the robot because LUCKILY we were on the second floor....THANK GOODNESS!! And I would have only just been able to get a photo of the top of it....not that I would have minded that....teehee and anyway there was NOOOO way that I was going to go anywhere near it and if it had been able to get up to the second floor then I would have ran quick smart and out the building...OH MY...YES! MAMMA!!! Anyway, I did get other pics, so here are a few:

A few dates.

An old printing machine.

Oliver Cromwell's death mask.....EEEEUUUUWWWW!

A Victorian till....FAB!

Victorian dress....BEAUTIFUL!

The Printers.

A jet engine.

A Victorian classroom.

I am going to make Sauerkraut tonight...WooHoo.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Raw Food

I have been SOO busy lately and I haven't barely had 5 minutes to myself, anyway, I have been starting to make my raw recipes that I had chosen to make. I started with the yogurt but I made it too thick, so no pic for that, I will make it thinner next time, then the eggless salad, well, sorry guys no pic for that either because it was SOO delicous, I ate it before taking a pic....teehee I will be making that again soon so I will post a pic then.
I also made Ruby's Raw Granola which is absolutely FANTASTIC! I am not sure if I can share the recipe with you but I will find out and get back to you!

YUM! This is SOOO MUCH TASTIER and BETTER etc etc than any bought granola.

My OH has just come back with some new kitchen weighing scales for me...WooHoo I have had 4 sets of Weight Watchers kitchen scales from my Weight Watcher days in the last few years and they haven't lasted at all and they are expensive, so this time I decided NOT to buy any more Weight Watchers scales and buy a set of Salter kitchen digital scales.
I make a lot of raw recipes that just measure in cups which is great but some recipes measure in kg's but I am from the old school and I measure in lb's and ounces. I have the dial scales but I just CANNOT get away with measuring weights in kg's using dial scales, so new scales to measure in both kg's, lb's and ounces are what I needed and the beauty of these new scales are that they also measure fluids (aquatronic scales) BRILLIANT! Whatever next?

I will try to get back later today with pics etc as I am going to be making raw recipes using my new Salter digital kitchen scales.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Need To Be Prepared

Our grandchildren came to visit last night and when they visit they are here for quite some time, then by the time I have made the families evening meal and suppers and my OH's packed lunch for the next day it is then way too late for me to eat and in turn makes things harder for me to prepare my raw foods, I didn't even get my raw yogurt started, so I have decided that today is the day to be prepared and have raw foods prepared. My dad is visiting today so after he has left I will get into that kitchen and get raw fooding.

The time now is 9.52am and all I have done up to now is housework.

Back later today!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

"Lets Get Real Peeps" & Pressie

I got up this morning at 6.15am and I am still dizzy, (ear troubles) have been since I first mentioned it and it doesn't seem to be getting any better, I think it has been about 2 weeks now and could last a LOT longer.
I had a cup of coffee and then I got in the shower and when I was getting out of the shower the inside of my left knee pained and kept paining for a couple of hours for absolutely NO reason at all - I am constantly tired and constantly battling with myself to stay awake, I suffer with headaches AND migraines and I am on anti-depressants.
I am SOOO fed up with having one ailment after another so I have decided that it is, "TIME TO GET REAL" time to get into a healthy lifestyle at least 99.9%, can't officially call it 100% because some raw foods aren't officially 100% raw i.e. some nori sheets, rolled oats etc.

I have slipped again over the last few days and I have been slowly eating more cooked and processed foods, I wouldn't care but I am not even enjoying them. Whenever I have been good for a few days, I then blow it and pick at more cooked and processed foods and spoil all the good that I have done.....madness!

I am sitting here typing this and I can feel the dizziness, it's AWFUL!!
It is now 9.37am. I felt a tad acidy in my tummy earlier so I had a banana which has helped for now but I will be having more later.

I have compiled a list of all the raw recipes that I am going to make and try over a period of time, including some of my favourite raw recipes. I want to go raw so therefore I have GOT to do this and go raw, my health is suffering.

I am not sure if I could give up coffee at the moment but time will tell, the main thing is that I don't eat cooked and processed foods, these are doing me no favours at all because when I am raw for a few days I can difinitely feel an immediate, positive and healthy difference, albeit small but it would be small over just a few days but then as soon as I eat cooked again I can definitely feel a sluggish, UN-healthy difference.

I will document what I feel, how I feel and my food etc.
I will be introducing exercise but I am giving that a tad longer until the dizziness has eased, or preferably gone!!

I might pop out for some green coconuts today, not sure.
I will be back later today, GOTTA document everything!


Cont....I got my other present that I was waiting for, here it is....WoooHooo
ABEBA'S BOOK.....YeeeeHaaaa
Inside the front cover Abeba has hand written a little message and signed it. Thankyou Abeba!

I also received a bottle of 'New Chapter All Flora capsules' that I ordered. These are recommended by LOADS of folk on the Raw Food Rehab and other raw food folk, so after buying lots of other "good" probiotics in this country and not getting the results I wanted I decided to search out the 'New Chapter All Flora' probiotics which I managed to find in this country.

I have been up to the shop for my green coconuts and bought what they had - 11...teehee. I will make the almond and coconut yogurt tonight and try the new probiotcs in it.

I have just had 2 banana's today and I am feeling rather hungry. I have been feeling very tired again....nothing new there then.

I will be back later today to update more.