Sunday, 13 March 2011

Newcastle And Pictures

Sorry I haven't been around for the last so many days, one day has led to another and before I knew it a good few days had passed.....CRAZY!

My dizziness had more or less gone but today it is flaring up again...totally puzzled as to why, but it has!

After watching a You Tube video where John was testing two types of Dehydrators, one being an Excalibur this made me aware that the temperatures could fluctuate which then prompted me to want to go and buy a digital thermometer. I done a search and found that Lakeland sell the digital thermometers that do everything except load the dish washer...teehee but the main thing that this digital thermometer does is that I can set it to a certain temperature and when my Excalibur reaches that temperature the digital thermometer will bleep and tell me if the temperature goes above the set temp. If you want to check out the you tube then click HERE
Here is a pic of the digital thermometer I bought incase anyone else is thinking of buying one to check their dehydrators.

I was rather pleased to see that Lakeland in Newcastle had the digital thermomters because we were going there anyway to take Adam and James to the 'Science Museum' which was very good. Halfway through our visit a HUUUUGE, GIANT robot walked in, it looked like Robocop. It walked very fast and loud thumps were heard with each step....very scary, I was scared anyway...what a sook eh? It was all part of the science fun, I think I have decided that I dont like science anymore!!.....TeeHee I didn't get any pics of the robot because LUCKILY we were on the second floor....THANK GOODNESS!! And I would have only just been able to get a photo of the top of it....not that I would have minded that....teehee and anyway there was NOOOO way that I was going to go anywhere near it and if it had been able to get up to the second floor then I would have ran quick smart and out the building...OH MY...YES! MAMMA!!! Anyway, I did get other pics, so here are a few:

A few dates.

An old printing machine.

Oliver Cromwell's death mask.....EEEEUUUUWWWW!

A Victorian till....FAB!

Victorian dress....BEAUTIFUL!

The Printers.

A jet engine.

A Victorian classroom.

I am going to make Sauerkraut tonight...WooHoo.

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