Saturday, 19 March 2011

Since Sunday

I have been rather busy over these last few days what with visiting, receiving visitors, grocery shopping, goody shopping, grandchildren, housework etc.

Monday was full on housework and a quick visit to Tesco for some Buckwheat.
Tuesday was full on all day shopping. Asda first thing in the morning, home to put groceries away. I then picked up Michael's girlfriend and my grandson and we went to Costco, Tesco, the Nutri centre and Argos then home again to do housework.
Wednesday Had grandchildren here for a visit, housework.
Thursday we went to Michael's.
Friday we had a visitor, took the car for it's MOT...passed....phew!! Went for a little run in the car then housework.

My eldest and youngest grandchildren, Ebony and baby Michael stayed overnight last night and at this present moment they are playing, Michael is in hysterics at something.

I decided to buy a work station/kitchen island on Tuesday. My OH took the kitchen table down and we put the island in it's place, so I now have extra cupboard space and an extra work surface....I LOVE it!!

This is a pic from the store but I will take my own pic of it soon.
I am hoping to get raw recipes done tomorrow as I might JUST manage to get some time to myself to do things I want to do.

We have been to my dads tonight, he is SOO funny and always cheerful, no matter what is going on in his life.
We have also been to A&E at the hospital to get my OH's leg checked out, he has torn the muscle in his calf and it is bruised from the knee down, it looks rather nasty.

I will make sure I am back tomorrow!!!!!

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