Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Raw Food

I have been SOO busy lately and I haven't barely had 5 minutes to myself, anyway, I have been starting to make my raw recipes that I had chosen to make. I started with the yogurt but I made it too thick, so no pic for that, I will make it thinner next time, then the eggless salad, well, sorry guys no pic for that either because it was SOO delicous, I ate it before taking a pic....teehee I will be making that again soon so I will post a pic then.
I also made Ruby's Raw Granola which is absolutely FANTASTIC! I am not sure if I can share the recipe with you but I will find out and get back to you!

YUM! This is SOOO MUCH TASTIER and BETTER etc etc than any bought granola.

My OH has just come back with some new kitchen weighing scales for me...WooHoo I have had 4 sets of Weight Watchers kitchen scales from my Weight Watcher days in the last few years and they haven't lasted at all and they are expensive, so this time I decided NOT to buy any more Weight Watchers scales and buy a set of Salter kitchen digital scales.
I make a lot of raw recipes that just measure in cups which is great but some recipes measure in kg's but I am from the old school and I measure in lb's and ounces. I have the dial scales but I just CANNOT get away with measuring weights in kg's using dial scales, so new scales to measure in both kg's, lb's and ounces are what I needed and the beauty of these new scales are that they also measure fluids (aquatronic scales) BRILLIANT! Whatever next?

I will try to get back later today with pics etc as I am going to be making raw recipes using my new Salter digital kitchen scales.


  1. Sounds tasty sis! Can't wait to see your creations

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