Tuesday, 1 March 2011

"Lets Get Real Peeps" & Pressie

I got up this morning at 6.15am and I am still dizzy, (ear troubles) have been since I first mentioned it and it doesn't seem to be getting any better, I think it has been about 2 weeks now and could last a LOT longer.
I had a cup of coffee and then I got in the shower and when I was getting out of the shower the inside of my left knee pained and kept paining for a couple of hours for absolutely NO reason at all - I am constantly tired and constantly battling with myself to stay awake, I suffer with headaches AND migraines and I am on anti-depressants.
I am SOOO fed up with having one ailment after another so I have decided that it is, "TIME TO GET REAL" time to get into a healthy lifestyle at least 99.9%, can't officially call it 100% because some raw foods aren't officially 100% raw i.e. some nori sheets, rolled oats etc.

I have slipped again over the last few days and I have been slowly eating more cooked and processed foods, I wouldn't care but I am not even enjoying them. Whenever I have been good for a few days, I then blow it and pick at more cooked and processed foods and spoil all the good that I have done.....madness!

I am sitting here typing this and I can feel the dizziness, it's AWFUL!!
It is now 9.37am. I felt a tad acidy in my tummy earlier so I had a banana which has helped for now but I will be having more later.

I have compiled a list of all the raw recipes that I am going to make and try over a period of time, including some of my favourite raw recipes. I want to go raw so therefore I have GOT to do this and go raw, my health is suffering.

I am not sure if I could give up coffee at the moment but time will tell, the main thing is that I don't eat cooked and processed foods, these are doing me no favours at all because when I am raw for a few days I can difinitely feel an immediate, positive and healthy difference, albeit small but it would be small over just a few days but then as soon as I eat cooked again I can definitely feel a sluggish, UN-healthy difference.

I will document what I feel, how I feel and my food etc.
I will be introducing exercise but I am giving that a tad longer until the dizziness has eased, or preferably gone!!

I might pop out for some green coconuts today, not sure.
I will be back later today, GOTTA document everything!


Cont....I got my other present that I was waiting for, here it is....WoooHooo
ABEBA'S BOOK.....YeeeeHaaaa
Inside the front cover Abeba has hand written a little message and signed it. Thankyou Abeba!

I also received a bottle of 'New Chapter All Flora capsules' that I ordered. These are recommended by LOADS of folk on the Raw Food Rehab and other raw food folk, so after buying lots of other "good" probiotics in this country and not getting the results I wanted I decided to search out the 'New Chapter All Flora' probiotics which I managed to find in this country.

I have been up to the shop for my green coconuts and bought what they had - 11...teehee. I will make the almond and coconut yogurt tonight and try the new probiotcs in it.

I have just had 2 banana's today and I am feeling rather hungry. I have been feeling very tired again....nothing new there then.

I will be back later today to update more.

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