Saturday, 24 April 2010

Out & About

Got up at the usual time, 6.00am. Showered, hair and makeup and out the door to town. I went to the post office first where there was a rather loud and very unpleasant man who pushed in front of me. The guy WAS there before me but he left twice and so he should have joined the end of the queue again but when the post office door opened he pushed in front of me, I said to my boys, "look at this" he heard me and turned around and said, "well, as it happens I was here before you" he said this quite nastly. I didn't respond back because there was rather a lot of people and I wanted to keep my dignity. He then started to let his mouth go about the queue, shouting, "you would need to get a day off work to buy a stamp" like he works, he was a middle aged, grey haired, druggy looking man and when he was waiting for the post office to open he was standing up to ride his push bike and wheelying and going round in circles on his bike like a teenager before he went away twice. Most of the people waiting in the post office looked like druggies and certainly weren't working, their mobile phones were ringing and they were swearing down their phones and then bragging on about knocking their mothers out and other folk.....ROGUES! Eventually the nasty man shouted, "F*&@ THIS!!!!" and he walked out. I got served and I sent a parcel off to a lovely guy on Raw Food Rehab. I then went to the NEW Holland & Barrett shop and I bought some raw Nut Butters, Honey and Kelp. We got some free gifts of Pretzels and Chinese Crackers.

We then went to another shop where I bought a new shower head and a FAB! New sieve. Home to wait for a guy we had visiting and then off back out for my OH's medical, he passed. He has to have this done every 5 years, he is 50 in about 3 weeks hence the medical.

Up and out early to post a letter and into town where I bought a Geriyoga Video and another health and fitness DVD. We then went onto the sweet stall...Oops! I bought the boys and my dad some sweets. We then went to Holland & Barrett again, well we had to! YEAH!! LOVE IT!! I bought my dad some Cinder Toffee from the Julian Graves section, my dad has such a sweet tooth!

We went to my dads later today and we were there for hours, LOVE SEEING MY DAD AND BERYL!!

Well that is about it for now so I shall be back tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Who would think....

that this pie is all raw!!

This is the Coconut Cream Pie from Café Gratitude's book.
The Coconut on the top is my own raw Coconut using the Brown Coconut that I shredded in my Green Star and then dehydrated.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Good title eh? NOT!...TeeHee. Anyway, I was up at my usual 6.00am, showered, dressed, makeup, kids sorted etc. I had to go to the bank....done ü then to Asda to buy some Spring Greens. Spring Greens are apparently Collards in America and other countries as is our Aubergines are Egg Plants, Courgettes are Zucchinni, Jam is Jelly and the infamous Green Coconut is a Young Thai Coconut to everyone! The list goes on. I will be making Spring Green or Collard Wraps for one of my meals.

I received a new phone today, touch screen...FAB! It's got Sat Nav also, believe me, I need Sat Nav. I was once in Whitley Bay and I wanted to go straight to Newcastle but could I think of which way to go?....NO! So what I did was, I came home and started again and went to Newcastle - someone once told me I should have been a blonde...HO HO HO I have got NO sense of direction.

Should be back later today if I have anything to report. I am thinking of taking pics of all my meals and uploading them on here so I am EVEN MORE accountable.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thai Coconut or Green Coconut?

Well, I opened the Green Coconut and it was EXACTLY the same as a Young Thai Coconut inside. Now then, what I understand about this Coconut saga is that the Green Coconuts are the Young Thai Coconuts before they have been shaved but what it is, is this, Green Coconuts are slightly younger than the shaved Thai Coconuts and sometimes the Green Coconut might only be full of water because it hasn't had time to form the thin layer of meat, but they are one and the same apparently!
Here is the inside of my Green Coconut, what do you think? Is it a Green Coconut or a Thai Coconut?

Click on the picture to enlarge. You can see the thin layer of meat and the very thick husk which gives plenty to shave away and for the husk shaver....teehee to form into the white pointed coconut as pictured below.

YEP! The same Coconuts I would say, and after all of that, I made the Café Gratitude Coconut Cream Pie which is in the freezer (picture will follow) using the Green Coconut, I tasted the cream part but it wasn't as nice and creamy as it was when I made it with the old brown pleasing some folk eh? I am going to attempt the Creme Brulée's again but using the correct Coconut this time; the Green Coconut because the last time I made the Creme Brulée's I used the old brown Coconut and they were rock hard when set and this is probably because I did use the brown Coconuts which have a lot more oil and fat in the meat and I think that is what hardened the brulée.

I am going to try to get back to Newcastle very soon and buy a good few of the Green Coconuts.

I got some bad news this morning. A very lovely lady I know died on Sunday from Cancer, I was so shocked and rather upset. I really got on with this lady, she was definitely one of the good guys! Tracey was only 2 year older than myself and she leaves children, her youngest is 13 years old.
RIP Tracey! You will be missed VERY MUCH!!

I think that is all my news for today.

Monday, 19 April 2010


Well, confession time - I haven't managed to stick to my 100% raw but I am still working on it. I am trying even harder to stick to my raw these last few days and to be more prepared because every single time I eat anything cooked or processed in any way I am getting the most HORRENDOUS acid. I have been getting this for years but I have to say, it is and has got SOOOO much worse and it is there most of the time and I can't help it but I am having to take Gaviscon to help ease it, I am starting to think that maybe I will need to mention it to my GP. After sticking to my raw foods for a few days the acid goes but as soon as I eat something greasy, cooked or processed in whatever way the acid comes back and the worrying thing about acid is that it can be cancer causing.

Anyway, we took a drive to Newcastle yesterday in the attempt to track down Young Thai Coconuts but to no avail....BooHoo! Whilst in Newcastle I did buy a couple of other things some of which were Green Coconuts, now, I have read that Green Coconuts are the young coconuts before they have been shaved......ummm not sure but I thought I would give them a go anyway, they were only £1.45 each so I bought a couple.
Maybe someone out there knows for sure if the Green Coconuts and the Young Thai Coconuts are one and the same, I have looked on the internet about this but there are lots of conflicting reads and You Tubes, so if someone can enlighten me.
My OH has rung a wholesalers today to see if they can get the Young Thai Coconuts in for me and the guy at the wholesalers is going to find out tomorrow.

We first went to China Town in Newcastle to look for the Coconuts which we didn't find but I did find frozen Durian so I bought the last two tubs and I have to say, YES! It does stink the house out....PWOAR! But it is oh so YUMMY! We then went into Lakeland and I managed to find my angled spatula...YEAH! And because they had different sized angled spatula's I bought a 13" and a 9" I am thinking of going back to buy there tapered angled spatula.....ummmm pondering.

Not a lot happening today, Oh! I got an email from my sister and she is coming round in the week, we are going to make some Cacao choccy bars.

Okay then, I might get back later today if I have anything to report.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

All New & Tickity Boo

TeeHee...yep I am feeling fine now, no more slightly dodgy tummy still.

We went and stocked up on Thursday with my healthy foods etc. We went to Asda, Costco, Tesco and the Nutricentre so I am raring to go for another few weeks.

I had my car in for the MOT last week and PHEW! It passed! MOT's for the car can be stressful sometimes. My eldest son Michael took it in for me, I never like to take the car into a garage because they see a woman coming.

We popped in to my sisters on Thursday morning, she hasn't spoke to me for nearly 4 years but I took the plunge and knocked at her door at 8.15am....OOPS! But I haven't seen her since Thursday, I thought she would have popped along here a day or so later but nope, maybe soon....we shall see....or not, whatever the case may be but at least I took the mature approach and broke the ice. My younger nephew didn't even get out of bed to say hello and my older nephew who has now left home, he rang my sister and he didn't ask to speak to me when he knew I was there....ummmm I do hope they aren't blaming me for anything, although there shouldn't be any blame on anyones part because sometimes these things happen. The last time I saw my sister was back in 2006 when I qualified in Beauty Therapy and I dropped a box of choccies and a thankyou card in for the help she gave me, then that was it, I never saw her again.......ummmm

Not a lot else to report for now.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Have Been Unwell

Yep, I have been a tad unwell, reason? Coconut. I cracked open a brown coconut, drained the water which I have to say it did look a tad suss so after draining the coconut water I broke the coconut in half, looked great, sniffed it, smelled fine, sipped the water....BLEURGH! Nope down the drain it went, double checked the coconut...AHA! The meat nearest the shell was YEUK! About 20ish minutes after the smallest of sips of the coconut water I started to feel decidedly unwell. Over the last few days I have been feeling better and better and I did walk into town on Saturday to stock up on seeds, flax and nuts from Julian Graves as it is closing down and they were clearing all the stock, we are getting a Holland & Barretts instead...should be good!

This is what I bought from Julian Graves, it came to £40 - it should have been easily double that but everything was half price....BARGAIN

By the way, I was sorting the coconuts out to make the Creme Brulée which I did make but they where very rich. No photo at the moment.

Oh! How could I forget? I lost 2lb on the scales in this weeks weigh in....GO ME!

Well, I will be back tomorrow!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 3 & FREE ebook


My OH popped out to Asda for me yesterday, it's so funny because when he goes for me he doesn't need to take a grocery list he just takes his phone and because I love Asda and I know where everything is as I am there OFTEN! I just direct him around the store telling him what to buy....teehee
Anyway, I asked him to get some coconuts, unfortunately it has to be the brown coconuts but I use the method of getting the cream, oil and butter etc out of the ole brown coconuts which enables me to make I think ALL the recipes that include the thai coconuts, I'm not sure if the tast might be slightly different but HEY! A coconut is a coconut, yes? Here is the link to watch how to use the brown coconuts. I didn't manage time to make the creme caramel or creme brulée whatever it is called...teehee I am still hoping to make the creme brulée recipe which I might get done today.
Anyway, back in Asda, I also asked my OH to buy closed cap mushrooms (to make Alissa Cohens pecan and mushroom burgers) portabello mushrooms (to make Michelle K's sandwich) and romaine lettuce etc.

Here is Michelle K's, 'It's A High Raw Life' video for the sandwiches with Penni Sheltons Tomato sauce....YUM!

click the book to take you to Amazon.
I bought Penni's book a few weeks ago from Amazon uk.

I have to say, I get very excited about buying my fruit and veg for my lifestyle and I also get excited about making the raw recipes, this wouldn't have happened at one time although I have felt like this for some time now....WooHoo. To think, at one time I used to get excited about going to the Saturday market to the sweetie stall...MADNESS! I would rather go to Costco or Asda to the fruit and veg aisles any day!

To today. I currently have 4 cups of sweetcorn defrosting because I am planning on making Alissa Cohens corn tortilla's from her book pg 329 but I am going to have to get a wriggle on and get them sorted because they have to half dehydrate then I put the filling in and then they go back into the dehydrator to finish so these should hopefully be done for my evening meal tonight.

Oh! How could I forget this, I stayed raw yesterday also, so that is 2 raw days under my belt now, it feels like it is getting easier already.

I am still looking for the link for the health questionnaire.

Hopefully back later today with foodie pics.

Angela Stokes Monarch has put together a free raw recipe ebook from 12 popular raw food chefs like, Frank Giglio, Bryan Au, Elaina Love, Ani Phyo, Matt Amsden etc etc so to get your free raw recipe ebook then go to: FREE ebook type in your email address then download YOUR free ebook packed with beautiful raw recipe's.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday and Easter Bunny

We have lived in this house for 24 years this month and never in all that time have we EVER seen a bunny in or near our home but this morning AND on a Good Friday there he was...THE EASTER BUNNY!....TeeHee

As you can see I threw a carrot out for him from my kitchen window, well, they like carrots don't they? The bunny even looked at it, sniffed it but then put his back to it....BAH HUMBUG! Then my OH went out and put lettuce leaves out for him...probably shouldn't encourage him but HEY! We are looking after the wildlife.

Right then, to yesterday, sorry I didn't get back I couldn't, someone hogged the computer, but anyway I have to have biscuits and other naughties in my house for my kids, grandchildren visiting and not forgetting the biggest baby of them OH! I was very tempted and had a craving to eat those chocolate biscuits BUT I am very pleased to say that I DID NOT succumb to my cravings and temptations and I ate some Banana leather instead....TICK VG to me!! So that is day one successfully under my belt....WoooHooo

Had my usual for breakfast this morning. I am maybe going to try a new recipe today from Rhio's book, Creme Caramel, I will let you know how it turns out and post a pic.


Thursday, 1 April 2010


Today's the day that I start my 30+ days of 100% raw.

Over the last few days I have been fixing things FIRMLY in my mind that 1st April is THE day. Unfortunately I didn't get my savoury dehydrating done....DOESN'T MATTER! Because I can do that today or anytime, I have some sweet snacks prepared and I have been going through my raw un-cook books and I have lots of idea's so I am NOT caught out hungry.
After a while it will become natural to me and when I am hungry I wont crave the wrong foods and fall off the wagon, although I am NOT going to fall off the wagon this time, that is my intention!! I am a lot more mentally prepared this time around which has GOT to be a good thing!! Things feel different to me, not forced, more natural!!!!

I have had my Fruit and ground Brazil Nuts for breakfast, this always fills me up.
Last night I filled up my Fresh Life Automatic Sprouter and that is sprouting away there.

Oh! I weighed in this morning which Thursday's will now be my official weigh days but remember, I am not only following a raw lifestyle for weight loss but for ALLL the health benefits also. I need to feel the health benefits.

I found a health questionnaire a couple of weeks ago, I will fill that in today and also throughout the months to keep a check on how my health is improving, this should be a good thing to do and it will confirm to folk how beneficial a raw eating plan is. I will try to find the link for those who also want to fill the questionnaire in.

I'll be back later today....GOT TO KEEP UP BLOGGING THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND DAILY SO I AM MORE ACCOUNTABLE!! Come back later today!!!