Friday, 31 December 2010

The End Of 2010

In a few hours it will be brand new year!! 2011

2010 has been rather up and down. I'm still suffering with depression, had to have 2 lady tests which came back alright...phew! We have re-vamped all of our downstairs although we still need the tiles for the kitchen which we will get very soon, received 7....yes...7 tree's for my garden.....mega pleased about that!! Received BAD news a few days ago, still waiting for 3 of my Christmas pressies to arrive through the post, we have had HORRENDOUS snow and I have been feeling unwell for about 2 weeks BUT getting better! I think that is about it, I have to say I have had worse years.

The snow has all but gone here now which I am rather pleased about.

I am hoping to get out for some Green Coconuts tomorrow, that is if the shop has any, it may not have managed to get any because of the weather here in the UK, I will ring the shop first.
I am also going to vacuum my bedrooms and stairs and generally spruce my home up.

I have sorted the remaining Christmas goodies today, the last of the Christmas cake is in the freezer along with the last of the choccies, I know that I should throw them out but when my grandchildren visit then the sweets will come in nice for them.

Well I am all ready for the new year and my 'RAWCADEMY' and I suppose I am ready for my 45th Birthday on the 8th January. I am ready to take 2011 by the horns and RAWTOX my body to be fit, healthy and happy!! I got Zumba for Christmas and I am going to be giving that a go...WooHoo

That is all for now so I will wish you ALL a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2011
I will be back tomorrow in 2011

Thursday, 30 December 2010


I received some VERY VERY bad news a few days ago, the 27th December to be precise. It was TERRIBLE news, I'm not sure I want to talk about it yet. I am trying SOOOO very hard to stay positive and focus on other things.

I have decided to start a new lifestyle and even more so now after hearing the bed news so as of January 1st 2011 I am starting my lifestyle change and naming it the 'RAWCADEMY'
I will be blogging daily as of 1st January 2011
I will do a weekly recipe titled 'RAWLICIOUS THURSDAY' may change the day.
I will be doing my rawcery shopping...teehee
I will be starting a fitness program and my Raweauty regime/rota's
My house and surroundings will be kept immaculate as well as myself.....not that I don't keep my surroundings and myself immaculate anyway of course.

I am more fired up for this especially after hearing the TERRIBLE news. Whatever illness goes through my family I am the one to inherit the same illness.
Blood clots and pulmonary embolisms went through my family and of course I had a pulmonary embolism when I was 24 years old, experienced an out of body experience and was clinically dead at one point, thankfully because I was so young and didn't smoke (I still don't smoke) I survived it, none of my siblings have had this....typical of me, and now I heard this other awful news which I am going to do my best to avoid and stay healthy and not inherit and this is the way to do it.

Okay then, I will be back on 1st January 2011

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More Blogging

I will be blogging on a regularly basis as of 1st January, yep that is my new starting point and when I am going to give this MY ALL!
I have put on a few pounds lately and I feel it is now affecting my health so come January I will have a NEW AND VERY FRESH START!!....I am REALLY looking forward to this.
I am trying to be concious of what I am putting into my mouth until January and I am pretty much staying the same on the scales, well, I lose and gain the same few pounds, I am alright with that.
I will be following an exercise routine, I will be following ALL my routines commencing January. Did I tell you that my OH has bought me the Zumba DVD's for Christmas also? *EXCITED*

I have a few pics to post but until I find the cable to be able to upload them I will just keep them on my camera.

I tried to replicate a raw cake from Raw Living the other day but I didn't like that one very much, my absolute favourite raw cake is the 'Raspberry Ganache cake' from Ani Phyo's Dessert book, it is DELICOUS!! So that is the cake I will be making for my 45th Birthday in January! (early January) Something else to look forward to!
I feel that I am ready to tackle things and to get to grips with my body and get slim, fit and healthy!!

I am hoping to get out and do a rather healthy big grocery shop tomorrow oh! And attempt to finish off my Christmas shopping, I still need to buy for my two grandaughters (bought for my grandson, a punch bag and boxing gloves.....ummmm) I also need to buy for my dad, niece and eldest son, Michael Oh! And I still have two more things to buy for James, I don't think I have ever left it this late to finish.

I will try to get back later or tomorrow