Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Here We Are!......

Back blogging. We have been so busy with re-vamping the livingroom which is still going on I hasten to add but it is so much closer to being done......FINALLY!
My OH is busy painting the walls and I am hoping that we will start laying the floor in the next couple of days. It takes us a long time to re-vamp/re-decorate a room now because gone are the days when we would slap paint on top of paint and strip walls just to repaper without washing the walls first etc, we now literally gut the rooms right down to the bare of everything, hence the length of time it takes us to re-vamp/re-decorate a room, but as it is said, "if a jobs worth doing, then it is worth doing right!"

My diet is still bad, but having said that I lost 4.8lb on the scales last week......*puzzled expression*
I am definintely going to get some Saurkraut made in the next day or two AND some of the Krazy Kracker Lady's, Krazy Krackers and Onion Rings....YUM!

My OH made me some FAB garden planters for my vege's and a seperate planter for my Strawberry plant. (I will get a pic of them soon for you to see) I am going to fill my planters, probably next year and use them from then. My vege's are not doing well in the large green tubs I bought.....ummmm.
I now have a redcurrant bush planted at the bottom of my garden courtesy of my sister who gave me the plant, she has such green fingers, EVERYTHING seems to grow for her.

I had to go for my lady test two weeks ago only to be sent a letter saying they don't have a result to report so will I make another appointment to go back in November, but that is 12 weeks! Why 12 weeks?? Why not now?? So as you can imagine because I am a depressive this situation is not making me feel too happy. I rang the doctors to ask about this letter and I was told it is probably because they didn't have enough cells or someone has made a blooper at the laboratory, but why 12 weeks?? That has me puzzled somewhat!!

My Adam has started a mechanics course...WooHoo we are SOOO proud of him!!
Had to pause there for about an hour because my BRILLIANT Dad just phoned and well, when we get chatting we are usually on the phone for at least an hour each time.

Well I don't think there is anything else to report for the moment but I will be back tomorrow even if only to say "Hi"