Friday, 27 November 2009

Where Has It Gone??

WOW! This week has FLOWWWWN over!!

Oh! I weighed in on Thursday and.......another 1.9lb gone....WOOHOO.

I have been doing more Christmas cleaning and now I am doing my bedroom. I felt that my beauty things needed a shake up because after a while I get used to seeing it all in the same place and I forget exactly what I have, and then I get lazy, so last night I started my bedroom and made things more accessible, of course I still need to do more work in my bedroom, I forget as to how much I have. I have often thought about making my spare bedroom into a beauty room....A BEAUTY PARLOUR - Oh yes! My own personal Beauty Parlour! How GLAM!!....teehee

Today I am going to make a Raw Pecan Pie dessert and I really want to get some Cheezy Chips into the dehydrator, I will have to see how things go.

Because I am busy with the kids and Christmas cleaning I have found myself grabbing some naughties but MUCH less than I do normally which is a good thing. I am trying to just think raw all the time and not think about cooked at all. When it comes to a meal time and when I am hungry I am trying to think of a raw meal instead of thinking what I can have for that you know what I mean? How we would normally think immediately of making a Lasagne, or Ready meal, I am trying to think Salad, Raw Pasta, Nori Rolls etc.

I should get back later today....

Monday, 23 November 2009

Wind, NO! Gales!

Well, we had gale winds last night and when I got up this morning.....WHOA! My garden was covered in someone elses rubbish from their Blue bin. It is Blue bin week today and of course every dopey person in this avenue put their Blue bin out last night in the gales ready for collection this morning......DURRR! The Blue bins always get blown over in high winds.....does it take a genius to figure that one out? I'm sure no-one has even half a brain in this avenue. Okay! Rant over.

Right, I got my exercise in this morning although not an exercise DVD, picking everyone's filth up out of my garden was enough exercise and I sure worked up a sweat.

After I had my shower etc this morning I got on with some Christmas cleaning....woohoo. I cleaned the display cabinet, shelving, all ornaments and my two sets of living room light shades which also meant climbing up and down step ladders....extra exercise!

I had a healthy Breakfast this morning, I am now debating as to what to have for Lunch, I better hurry up, I'm hungy!


We had a lovely visit from Michael and he brought our 3 grandchildren with him. Baby Michael is SOOOO much like my Michael when he was the same age......ALWAYS looking for mischief...teehee
Ellie is becoming more relaxed and she spends time with us but Ebony is still very shy. We haven't seen a great deal of our grandchilren over the years but we have seen loads of them lately which is SOOO lovely!!
Michael asked me if I would make him some scones in a day or so.....awwwwwe that pleased me NO END!! I will probably make them for him tomorrow. He said to his dad, "tell mam to just make a few because I know what she is like, she will make me a heap!"...TeeHee - yes I probably would have if he hadn't said to just make a few, I will make him a dozen, afterall, he does have the 3 kiddies and his OH - yep! That TRULY pleased me!!


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Red Lentil Salad Recipe

I have found the Red Lentil Salad recipe on You Tube

I am pleased I found this, I thought I had already saved it but I hadn't so I had to search for it.

I have not felt the best all week. I have had two Migraines, upset tummy's, tiredness, IBS flare up, more headaches although not a third migraine....thank goodness! And now dizziness, AGAIN! Oh dear! The second migraine was a corker and took some getting rid of and now I just hope this dizziness goes quickly, I have too much to be getting on with at this time of year.

I have been rather lazy today and just been watching the beauty shows on QVC....Ahhh bliss! I have also had a little nap.

I am hoping I feel better tomorrow morning because I want to start my exercising, I need to for lots of reasons. Oh! I forgot to say, I lost 0.4lb this week, not much but a loss none the less.

I think that is all for now. I am trying to update daily even if I have nothing much to report.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Where Is The Daylight?

For the last few days it hasn't quite got light properly here but today is even worse, it is very dark to say it is the middle of the day, infact, it hasn't got light yet! I quite like it actually....COZY! I love COZY!

Okay, things come in three's eh? First off about 2-3 weeks ago my vacuum packed up, I think I told you about it, then our kettle packed up and then our TV....WOW! So, we replaced the vacuum.
We have been doing a bit of Christmas shopping at Argos lately and they have been giving £5 and £10 vouchers with every £50 or £100 spent. We have bought 2 TV's and a Snooker Table for the kids for Christmas from Argos so we ended up with £25 worth of vouchers which went towards a kettle. The kettle was £30 so we only ended up actually paying £5 cash for our new kettle. That is #2 ticked off our list.

We weren't going to buy a new TV for our living room until next year so we have been using the TV from our bedroom - but oh dear, although it isn't a portable it is still small compared to what we were used to in the livingroom, so we bit the bullet and went out this morning and bought a new big TV - #3 done.

Whilst out this morning I popped to the Nutricentre and Tesco and bought a bottle of Ume Plum Vinegar to make my Fakin Bacon, also Alfalfa Seeds, I love them! Great in Salads and wraps etc. I then popped into Tesco and bought a bag of Red Lentils which I will soak and make a salad with. I saw a recipe on You Tube using the Red Lentils so I will give it a go. I also bought Tamari and Popcorn kernels.

Last night I whipped up a raw mock Cheese to make some raw Cheese Crackers which are in the dehydrator, apparently these crackers taste like Cheez-its from America, I have never had Cheez-its as I am in the UK.
I have put some of the raw Cheese Sauce into a jar to use as a macaroni cheese type sauce. It can also be used for dipping. I have to say, it does taste good!!

I have been soaking some Goji's and I will add a little bit of Camu Camu to it. Camu Camu is a Superfood. (Camu Camu is the richest source of Vitamin C and also has anti-viral and immune-boosting properties. It is a great source of minerals including iron, niacin, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin and beta carotene. It is very engergising and combines wonderfully with other superfoods like Cacao, Pollen and Goji's) I also soaked some Alfalfa Seeds last night which I am sprouting. I am fermenting more Milk Kefir and Water Kefir and I made a lovely batch of Kombuch and I have got another batch fermenting. I have been a busy bee.

I am hoping to start exercising next week, first thing in the mornings.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Page 2

So! Here is page 2 of my file.

We have been busy over the last few days doing some Christmas shopping. I still have rather a lot to do and buy. I am usually just about done by about now, or certainly by now I have done most of it, ah well, it will get done. We have just had a Snooker Table delivered today which is one of Adam's Christmas presents.

It is my James' Birthday in a few weeks, he is 10.....double figures. We have bought him the new 'Need For Speed, Nitro' game for the Wii, that is what he wanted.

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning and in Asda by about 7.15am....GET US EH!!...TeeHee - well, I HATE the pushing and shoving, so, I would rather get up early and get what I want in a better and less stressed atmosphere.

We popped to Costco again on Saturday. I just love Costco and that is where I buy most of my Fruit and Veg, the quality is fab! I bought a net of Garlic which I am going to chop up and put into a jar and cover with Olive Oil and when I need to use Garlic I will just spoon it out as and when. Lazy Garlic is what it is called in the shops, not so lazy when making it myself though, eh?

We got to Costco which is in Gateshead at about 4pm, I also wanted to catch Argos in my home town before it shut at 5.30pm bearing in mind Costco was about 15-ish mile away and there is usually a lot of traffic - AMAZINGLY we got through Costco and back to our home town and in Argos for about 5.20pm....WOW!

We popped to see my Dad on Sunday. My Dad is a FABULOUS!! Person. I love him so much!! For my Dad's Birthday back in August we created a photo CD with the Happy Birthday song by Cyndi Lauper playing on it, he was OVER THE MOON with that present.

I went to collect my eldest Granddaughter from school yesterday but as soon as she saw me she started to cry and she just wanted her Mammy but when I saw Michael this afternoon he said that when he went to collect Ebony from school today she said to him, "who said you could come and get me? I wanted my Grandma to come and get me, not you!"....TeeHee kids are funny sometimes.

My raw eating hasn't been the best....AGAIN!! But it will get better. I haven't been feeling the best lately what with one thing or another i.e. headaches, IBS etc If I kept to my raw then I probably wouldn't feel like this. I have had raw but no where near what I have previously been sticking to.

My weigh in days are going to be Thursday's and I will do my best to stick to my raw from Thursday up until Christmas Eve then I will relax over the Christmas and maybe a tad over the New Year but then I will be back with it 1000%.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Plan

Ummmm....I posted the previous post yesterday not Sunday as the date states at the top of the post.....Ummm - Anyway, I didn't get back later yesterday because of getting a migraine...BooHoo it has pretty much gone now, still there a tad but SOOOOoooo much better!!

Okay, my false starts, but not any more!! Well, what I am doing is creating a file/portfolio for MEEE! My rota's, my graphs, my weekly weigh ins, raw food pyramid, food combining, future tasks/jobs whether to do with raw or around the home, Shopping list for equipment whether it be raw, Beauty or for around the home, and anything else that comes along that I feel I need to put into my file. This file is everything to do with my life and lifestyle.

Raw Living
Healthy Fit Me
Beautiful Me
Clean Home
Future Tasks - Raw, Me or Home

I tried to put an image of the front cover on here but it didn't come out very clear. I will try and sort it and post a page of my file every day so you can see what I have in it. I have printed each page to keep in a file instead of keeping a file on the computer.

On here I will post a daily section titled, 'Raw Feelings' and this will be detailing my thoughts, feelings and struggles I have had or have not had that day of going raw. I will also be blogging about daily life, Oh! And my weekly weigh ins etc.


Image from Rawfu

I managed to sorta scan my front cover. The image is so peaceful and relaxed looking. Healthy body and mind = peaceful, relaxed sleep = healthy body, mind and spirit = happiness, contentment etc and so on!
I will bring you my second page tomorrow.

I had a good Breakfast of Kefir, Agave, Banana and a homemade cereal...YUM! I still prefer my Fruit and Brazil Nuts though but I don't have any Brazil Nuts until I get into town.

Here is a pic of my homemade raw ceral in the storage tub. It looks like Special K, it is my raw Special K.

I have just stripped my bed and got that into the washing machine, that is it for now, Oh! I have washed my kitchen floor and I will pull the vacuum over the other floors. This migraine has got me wrecked today.



Sunday, 8 November 2009

False Starts BUT....

Not any more!!

Back today with more as to how I have stopped ALL false starts!