Friday, 31 July 2009

Raw Chocolate Cake....

is just the BEST!! So much better than any cooked dried out Chocolate Cake. I bought the Ani Phyo 'Raw Food Desserts' book a few months ago and since then I have been meaning to make the 'Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake' and finally after watching one of Ani's Vidoe's I finally decided to make this recipe and WOW! Even if you are not following a raw food diet this Ganache Cake is still well worth making!

Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake. This cake is not a big cake but then it doesn't need to be, it is so rich and very filling and a small piece is all anyone could manage.

As you can see, no Raspberries and nor did I have Strawberries but it was delicous even without the Fruit. Of course their is still LOADS of the cake left and in the fridge.
I tried to tempt James with some of this cake but as I thought, he wouldn't have any, Adam is a different story, he will try and likes lots of healthy foods as he liked this cake also and wanted more.

This would be ideal for a Birthday Cake and the ingredients can be doubled or even tripled to make it larger.

If anyone wants to try this cake then watch Ani here on You Tube and see just how easy and how perfectly raw it is.

Anyway, I made this cake yesterday and when I came to update and upload......ARRGGHH! I knocked my Coffee (yep I still drink Coffee) all over the keyboard.....what a classic! The computer was acting up and I was unable to do anything on the computer until the keyboard had been properly dried off.

I think I have found my Fridge Freezer that I want. I am very much steering towards the American Fridge Freezer as these have the most space, just what I need, desperately!

Well I have just had my Breakfast of my usual - Oh! And yesterday I put my Icecream maker bowl into the freezer because I am thinking of making a Raw Cashew Ice cream today, I also want to get some Cheesy Kale chips into the dehydrator and I am also thinking of making a raw Coconut Yogurt, so there are a few things I want to get going.

I might get back later today if I have anything to say.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Finally! I'm back.
I have had a few things going on here lately hence not updating but now I'm Back!!

Okay, My challenge is on hold for a little while but I am going to be sticking to a good routine for the next few weeks, about 6 - 7 weeks actually, during the kids Summer School holidays.

Yesterday I got some Sprouts going, Alfalfa Sprouts, Broccoli and Garlic Chive also I am soaking and sprouting Short Grain Brown Rice....yep! You heard that right....Brown Rice AND it is Sprouting, this is to make Rhio's Rice Crackers.
I also made some Nomi Shannon Sunny Pate also Raw Yogurt and Almond Milk. I didn't throw away the Almond Pulp from the Almond Milk, instead I put into an air tight container and put it into the fridge until today then I made some Cookies with the pulp. I made the recipe up as I went along and I have to say, on tasting the mixture before it went into the dehydrator was YUMMY!

Almond Pulp Cookies
To the Almond Pulp I added some
chopped dates
chopped Walnuts
1tsp Vanilla Powder
Agave Nectar
Coconut Oil

Mix it all together. I put about 1 tbs of the mixture onto the dehydrator trays using the mesh screens. I slightly flattened each cookie and made it into circles. I will dehydrate overnight on about 100° - 105°

After putting the Cookies into the dehydrator I also thickly sliced a Water Melon and put that into the dehydrator also, on the mesh screens. Yummy Cookies and Water Melon tomorrow....MMmm

I bought some more uncook books last week.

Rhio 'Hooked On Raw'

This is a FANTASTIC! Book as are a lot of the Raw books I already have. Rhio's book also has a lot of information in it to help folk following a raw food lifestyle.

I also bought Dr Graham's 'The New High Energy Diet'

I am still going through this book.

I am looking at buying a new Fridge Freezer in the next couple of weeks. I am thinking of a Frost Free. I used to own a Frost Free Fridge Freezer but then when that broke down I bought an average Fridge Freezer but the Frost Free is the best, so a Frost Free it will be. The Fridge Freezer I now have is far too small and it has developed a fault and is not draining the frost away at the back of the Fridge....GRRRR so annoying. When the frost melts off the back of the Fridge it is running to the floor of the Fridge and turns into ice which I then have to keep chipping off and if I don't it freezes Fruit, Veg etc that is near the back of the Fridge. I am looking forward to having a new BIGGER Fridge Freezer. I was thinking of buying an Amercian Fridge Freezer but I think it might be a bit too big for the space available for the Fridge Freezer.

I am off grocery shopping tomorrow. When I get back I am going to scrub through my Bathroom and other jobs and then I am hoping to exercise. I have decided to exercise 4 days a week and do a different DVD each day.