Saturday, 24 July 2010


And about time too eh?

I received my tub of Vitaklenz this morning, I have taken one of the caplets so hopefully this will help me in all ways it is supposed to do! I read that aswell as other benefits this is also meant to help with lethargy because it eliminates nasties from the body which sap your energy. I will keep you informed on that one.

4 x 100g tubs Durian....LOVE IT!
500g Lucuma Powder....LOVE IT!
4 Raw Brownie Bars....YUM!
1kg Tub of Raw little sweet
Sweet White Miso...YUM!
500g Large bag Macadamia's...FAVE!
500ml Yacon Syrup....Never tried this before
Raw Conscious Mint Chocolate Bar....sure it will be yum
500g Mesquite Powder.....LOVE THAT ALSO!
Rice Syrup.....Dont think this is raw but want to try it
Pecan and Treacle Granola....Not raw but want to try once.

And now, for A Little Bit Of Pretty.

We try to eat the right foods, exercise, keep our surroundings clean and tickity boo and all round working on our body, mind and spirits, so I feel it is always the RAW icing on the cake, so to speak, to have alittle bit of pretty on ourselves also.

Last night when cleaning the ole pegs....teeth that is....teehee I decided to give the tooth soap a try and yep, I have to say, it does have a distinct taste of a soap, probably why it is called tooth soap or the soap taste was all in my mind because of the name, it all felt great though and I will keep using it, my mouth and teeth felt a lot cleaner, fresher and just nicer all round....yep a winner!....Give it a try!

Back later

Friday, 23 July 2010

All Done

On Wednesday I had to take Adam for an interview to start a mechanics course which he has now been offered a place for and he is OVER THE MOON about it!! So he is starting that in a few weeks....oh! The schools break up today for 6 - 7 weeks Summer Holidays......ummmm

Yesterday I had to go to my dentist, I wasn't going to go because of this cold but I felt well enough to go and I am glad I did because I discovered I didn't need to pay more for the treatment AND she completed all that needed to be done in the one appointment, I had visions of having to keep going for a few more appointments but nope, ALL DONE! So that is it until my 6 monthly check up in January 2011.....PHEW! I now just have an uncomfortable mouth which will be fine very soon.
After my dental appointment I came home for my mouth to become less numb and then we popped to Asda for a few bits and pieces.

It is our grandson, baby Michael's 2nd Birthday today, Friday 23rd so we decided to take his pressies to him last night because otherwise he wont get his pressies from us until later today...when his Birthday is nearly over, that simply wont do! So we took them last night. We bought him a Toy Stoy 3 talking Buzz lightyear, a sticker magazine and a couple of cards one being a Toy Story card with a badge....teehee. When we got to my sons home he wasn't in but his girlfriend was with our grandchildren so we went in, then my Michael popped back, he was with his friend but then he went straight back out, he popped in another time and didn't even look at us.....he's a funny lad sometimes, you would think he was still a teenager NOT a 24 year old man with the way he goes on....teenage attitude.....friends are more important to him.

Today I am going to get some housework done and I want to get some nuts, seeds etc in soaking to make some raw fods to put in the fridge to have to hand over the next couple of days....preperation is the name of the game.

My pics will follow today! So on that note, I will love ya and leave ya for now but I will be back later today.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Since we had the new gas central heating installed my house has been upside down....Grrr I HATE that! But it is because we are and have been doing other things around here at the same time i.e. loft, livingroom etc.

Okay then, I know I need to upload a few pics which I will take the pics tonight and hopefully get them on here tonight or tomorrow.

I found something today that I want to try which is Vitaklenz, you can read all about it here, and do read the reviews....FANTASTIC! The Vitaklenz also detoxes the body at the same time. I read that this can really help with lethargy also....BIG PLUS!

I have an appointment with my dentist tomorrow but I am going to have to cancel because I have come down with a Summer cold.....SUMMER! In the UK??? I DON'T THINK SO.....HA! There is now THICK FOG! It has rained for days and it was overcast this morning but then the sun started to come out this afternoon so I put some laundry out to dry but now we have thick fog.....CRAZY! Anyway, to other things. My OH has bought me a Bullet Express which has a big mouth juicer attachment with it. I was in the market for a big mouth juicer and he bought this one because it does a few things aswell as the juicing i.e. Salad Shooter etc. I do have a Green Star juicer but sometimes I just want a quick juice and this will be ideal, not having to cut the fruit and veg up first.

I am going to do quick juices to try and help with this cold. Getting this Bullet Express couldn't have arrived at a better time!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I Have An Invite To...

my FIRST raw food exciting! I am a member of the 'Raw Food Rehab' and I have discovered that there are a few members on there that live just up the road from about a small world eh? Anyway, a lady in Whitley Bay has invited me to her raw food potluck which she hosts every month.....WoooHooo I am not sure if I can make it to this potluck but I am going to try to, it will be GREAT I'm sure!!! But if I can't get to this potluck then I am going to try to get to the next.

Not a lot else to report today. I slept until 12.00pm today and if Michael hadn't came along then I am sure I would have slept quite a bit longer, I must have needed it!

I am doing the laundry and now I am about to get on with the evening meal.

I will be back tomorrow with some raw order pics.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Week

Over this last week I feel as though I haven't stopped. I have been busy yet done nothing, I know, doesn't make any sense at all!

The loft flooring is all completed except for a small part of the floor which can't be done yet because we need the lad to come and take the chimney stack out and then we can floor that part.

I have spent the week doing housework and heaps of washing.
Thursday we were out most of the day getting our big grocery shop in - Asda, Costco, Tesco, Nutri Centre. Whilst in the Nutri Centre I bought some Carob flakes.....mmm never had those before, I will open the bag and take a pic, probably later today.

On Thursday afternoon/evening I had a girls (Michael's fiancé sister) 45 minute makeup to do for her prom night, I just got finished in time because apparently when she got back to her home the limo was there waiting for her, she wouldn't have been late if the lady who done her hair hadn't taken 2 hours....madness.

I told her I didn't want paying so instead she bought me these:

GORGEOUS! When I told her I didn't want paying, I mean't it so I was not expecting these either, a lovely suprise!

Yesterday, Friday morning I went into town for more of my Loreal hair colours which are only £3.97 in Wilkinsons compared to £5.99 every where else for EXACTLY the same product.
I have to confess to driving to town......TUT TUT!
In the afternoon we went for more of my Green Coconuts....FAB! I buy the lot every time I go there....teehee.
Late afternoon/evening we had our two grandaughters come over and who stayed over last night, that is twice now they have asked to stay, infact, they are still here.

Here they are, our two grandaughters, Ebony and Ellie.

I took this pic last night after their bath and dressed for bed. Ellie is on the left and Ebony is on the right....Our two GORGEOUS Grandaughters!
We are taking them to see and to ride my youngest sisters (Christine) horse later today so I will probably get more pics and post more on here later today.

Here are a few pics of Ebony on my sisters horse, Solo. Ebony LOVED it!! My sister led the horse, unfortunately Ellie was frightened on the horse and wanted to be off as soon as she was put onto Solo's back so we couldn't get any pics of Ellie on Solo.

The pic second up is Ellie grooming Solo.

I received a raw order this morning which included Yacon Syrup which I have never tried before. Pics will follow tomorrow.

Back tomorrow

Friday, 16 July 2010


We have been rather busy.....*wipes brow* so please pop back later for pics, update and all tomorrow....Saturday

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Back With It!

As you know I had Friday off but unfortunately Saturday was a tad slack also BUT I'm back with it today!! Despite having 2 slack days I have to say that I still didn't go as mad as I used to......WooHoo.....tick VG

I coloured my hair yesterday morning....BOY, DID IT NEED IT!! I had the infamous grey line in the parting.....YEUK!!
Michael brought the grandchildren to visit yesterday also, they are GREAT! And little/baby Michael is such a character!!

Today, I am going to sort my coconuts and get on with anything I feel like doing, raw food prep, tidying, sorting.

I have just had Breakfast of a Meusli mix, a sprinkling of Linwoods Milled Flax seeds, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts and Q10, I also sprinkled on a few Pecan's and sliced Banana....YUM! Must drink water now to help with the flax.

I should be back later today...check back later!!

My dad and Beryl came for a visit....we LOVE seeing my dad and Beryl!!!

I cracked open a few coconuts and I have poured the water into a Kilner jar to blend into a smoothie tomorrow, I then made a small pudding with the meat by blending the meat with a dash of Vanilla and Agave....YUM!!

My OH has been carrying on with the loft flooring today and it is nearly finished....WooHoo

I will be back tomorrow! Have you noticed that I have been updating pretty much every day? And I hope to continue to do so.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Took A Walk

We walked into town this morning, I could have used the car but I am so glad that I walked because I feel so much better! The exercise must have helped perk me up! Although, despite feeling better I did fall asleep this afternoon but I feel the reason for that was because I didn't sleep very well the night before.

Whilst in town I went to Holland & Barrett and bought some of their Banana Yogurt Chips, high calories and fat BUT OH SO.....YUM! And SOOOO much better than that sweet stall on the market!!

I allow myself one full day per week off from raw, I used to have a full weekend so I am doing well with only the one day and then not eating/bingeing on chocolate during that day....ALL DAY! Yes I am still having naughties what with the Banana Yogurt Chips and Chippy Chips but maybe just one or two bags of Banana Yogurt Chips and that is all for the day because believe me, it used to be a whole lot worse.

Also whilst in town I bought a plate rack but this is for my sprouting jars for draining, it is ideal, not too big but easily big enough for 4 sprouting jars and the air can still circulate perfectly AND it folds flat. I do have my Fresh Life Automatic electric sprouter but sometimes I just want to use the jars.
Here I have been sprouting one of my favourite sprouts...Alfalfa....LOVE THEM!

I need to buy a small tray to stand this on, or I could just leave it on the drainer, of course it is standing on my hob on this pic for a quick pic.

I stocked up on Walnuts to make Ani Phyo's Chocolate Ganache cake and Pecans to make Caramel Nut Popcorn. I found the Caramel Nut Popcorn recipe yesterday and I am definitely going to give this a try, it might end up in my favourites file. If you want to watch this video, #26 and more raw recipes then click here: Hot Raw Chefs. You can vote for your favourite and you will receive an eBook of the recipes.

Well, that is all for now.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Weigh In's


As promised, here is the pic of last weeks 'FRESH START' weight. I am classing this as my 1st weigh in.

NEVER IN MY LIFE have I EVER weighed this much!! This is equates to 14st 4lb and I think that about right for the kg?? I think I have worked the kg's out right.


Here is today's weigh in

This equates to 13st 9lb and 88.9kg
So that makes this weeks weigh in a loss of 6.5lb's......YAY ME!!!! Nearly half a stone, that is a good loss!!

I will maybe update later today about life, food, exercise and or beauty but if not then I will be back tomorrow......check back later!

I am thinking of going back to my GP because I am SOOO tired all the time, I fell asleep this morning and then again this afternoon, something isn't right, although it could be stress because my GP has diagnosed me with not only suffering with depression but I am suffering with stress also but raw food should help with all of that, eventually and if it doesn't then maybe an extra visit to see my GP will be needed.

After all of that tiredness talk I decided to treat myself to a non raw Bacon Bun for Lunch and I DID NOT enjoy it, it was NO treat I tell ya, infact I binned some of it, I am losing the taste for meats, it tastes like I am eating pure flesh....YEEEUUUK!!
Eating meats wont help with this tiredness I'm sure, I am my own worst enemy sometimes!

In between sleeps I thoroughly scrubbed my downstairs loo....I LOVE IT When my loo's are clean and fresh!! I will scrub through the bathroom and bathroom loo tomorrow. I done my usual housework this morning also so a tad of activity there although there is a lot to do around here at the moment. I didn't do any actual exercise but like I said, the housework amounts to some sort of activity.

I am thinking of going upstairs now and sorting through my beauty products and sort the shelving and cupboards out, I still haven't put everything back after having to clear things away for the new gas system being installed, SEE, no energy......not like me at all to not put things back straight away! After I have sorted some things out upstairs I might prepare some raw foods i.e. Soak Almonds for milk, Hemp Cream to fill raw Chocolates and anything else I can think of.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

July Already!

Where does the time go? Anyway, I know I haven't been around lately but depsite being on anti depressants I still get very down/depressed and then I lapse on my updates. I have always suffered with dperession but over the last few years it has got a lot worse hence being back on the anti depressants, anyway gotta keep going forward!!!

I weighed myself as a FRESH START last Thursday and I weighed in at 201lb....NOOOOooo! That is the highest I have EVER been IN MY LIFE! I will get a pic of the scales result and upload it here, I am also weighing tomorrow so I will upload that result also. I feel I have done alright this week, we will see tomorrow.
I MUST start and update my foods, beauty routine and get into my fitness and update that also...I WILL!!

I found this video posted on You Tube and I wanted to share it with you. It is so simple, I am going to try this on a daily basis.

Around the house, well, the loft is still being floored but it has come on a long way so it shouldn't be long before we start the living room and the new flooring around the downstairs....I want it ALL done by Christmas.

We had our 2 little grandaughters stay here overnight at the weekend and then we took them to my dad's (great grandad) house, he thoroughly enjoyed seeing them as this is the first time he has met them....that is sad that it has taken all these years for him to meet his great grandchildren, well two of them because he still hasn't met baby Michael yet but he is a tad young, he wouldn't settle.

We are still having MAJOR troubles from the neighbour across the road and yesterday he started being abusive to Michael when Michael got out of his car to visit us and then the neighbour stood and insulted me when I came out to see what was going on. Later yesterday the SICKO got his brother who is also in his late 50's or 60's to chase Michael in his car and he was also raising his fist at Michael, Michael could have had his children in the car and a FOOL was chasing him....this might end up being a police matter, it should have been so now!!
When Michael visited the other day that neighbour stood across the road looking over at Michael and shaking his head, bascially that person obviously thrives on antagonising folk....SICKO, SADO!!! And he is a 60 year old.....madness that someone of that age should be like that.


Speak later...