Sunday, 11 July 2010

Back With It!

As you know I had Friday off but unfortunately Saturday was a tad slack also BUT I'm back with it today!! Despite having 2 slack days I have to say that I still didn't go as mad as I used to......WooHoo.....tick VG

I coloured my hair yesterday morning....BOY, DID IT NEED IT!! I had the infamous grey line in the parting.....YEUK!!
Michael brought the grandchildren to visit yesterday also, they are GREAT! And little/baby Michael is such a character!!

Today, I am going to sort my coconuts and get on with anything I feel like doing, raw food prep, tidying, sorting.

I have just had Breakfast of a Meusli mix, a sprinkling of Linwoods Milled Flax seeds, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts and Q10, I also sprinkled on a few Pecan's and sliced Banana....YUM! Must drink water now to help with the flax.

I should be back later today...check back later!!

My dad and Beryl came for a visit....we LOVE seeing my dad and Beryl!!!

I cracked open a few coconuts and I have poured the water into a Kilner jar to blend into a smoothie tomorrow, I then made a small pudding with the meat by blending the meat with a dash of Vanilla and Agave....YUM!!

My OH has been carrying on with the loft flooring today and it is nearly finished....WooHoo

I will be back tomorrow! Have you noticed that I have been updating pretty much every day? And I hope to continue to do so.

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