Friday, 23 July 2010

All Done

On Wednesday I had to take Adam for an interview to start a mechanics course which he has now been offered a place for and he is OVER THE MOON about it!! So he is starting that in a few weeks....oh! The schools break up today for 6 - 7 weeks Summer Holidays......ummmm

Yesterday I had to go to my dentist, I wasn't going to go because of this cold but I felt well enough to go and I am glad I did because I discovered I didn't need to pay more for the treatment AND she completed all that needed to be done in the one appointment, I had visions of having to keep going for a few more appointments but nope, ALL DONE! So that is it until my 6 monthly check up in January 2011.....PHEW! I now just have an uncomfortable mouth which will be fine very soon.
After my dental appointment I came home for my mouth to become less numb and then we popped to Asda for a few bits and pieces.

It is our grandson, baby Michael's 2nd Birthday today, Friday 23rd so we decided to take his pressies to him last night because otherwise he wont get his pressies from us until later today...when his Birthday is nearly over, that simply wont do! So we took them last night. We bought him a Toy Stoy 3 talking Buzz lightyear, a sticker magazine and a couple of cards one being a Toy Story card with a badge....teehee. When we got to my sons home he wasn't in but his girlfriend was with our grandchildren so we went in, then my Michael popped back, he was with his friend but then he went straight back out, he popped in another time and didn't even look at us.....he's a funny lad sometimes, you would think he was still a teenager NOT a 24 year old man with the way he goes on....teenage attitude.....friends are more important to him.

Today I am going to get some housework done and I want to get some nuts, seeds etc in soaking to make some raw fods to put in the fridge to have to hand over the next couple of days....preperation is the name of the game.

My pics will follow today! So on that note, I will love ya and leave ya for now but I will be back later today.

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