Sunday, 18 July 2010

I Have An Invite To...

my FIRST raw food exciting! I am a member of the 'Raw Food Rehab' and I have discovered that there are a few members on there that live just up the road from about a small world eh? Anyway, a lady in Whitley Bay has invited me to her raw food potluck which she hosts every month.....WoooHooo I am not sure if I can make it to this potluck but I am going to try to, it will be GREAT I'm sure!!! But if I can't get to this potluck then I am going to try to get to the next.

Not a lot else to report today. I slept until 12.00pm today and if Michael hadn't came along then I am sure I would have slept quite a bit longer, I must have needed it!

I am doing the laundry and now I am about to get on with the evening meal.

I will be back tomorrow with some raw order pics.

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