Saturday, 24 July 2010


And about time too eh?

I received my tub of Vitaklenz this morning, I have taken one of the caplets so hopefully this will help me in all ways it is supposed to do! I read that aswell as other benefits this is also meant to help with lethargy because it eliminates nasties from the body which sap your energy. I will keep you informed on that one.

4 x 100g tubs Durian....LOVE IT!
500g Lucuma Powder....LOVE IT!
4 Raw Brownie Bars....YUM!
1kg Tub of Raw little sweet
Sweet White Miso...YUM!
500g Large bag Macadamia's...FAVE!
500ml Yacon Syrup....Never tried this before
Raw Conscious Mint Chocolate Bar....sure it will be yum
500g Mesquite Powder.....LOVE THAT ALSO!
Rice Syrup.....Dont think this is raw but want to try it
Pecan and Treacle Granola....Not raw but want to try once.

And now, for A Little Bit Of Pretty.

We try to eat the right foods, exercise, keep our surroundings clean and tickity boo and all round working on our body, mind and spirits, so I feel it is always the RAW icing on the cake, so to speak, to have alittle bit of pretty on ourselves also.

Last night when cleaning the ole pegs....teeth that is....teehee I decided to give the tooth soap a try and yep, I have to say, it does have a distinct taste of a soap, probably why it is called tooth soap or the soap taste was all in my mind because of the name, it all felt great though and I will keep using it, my mouth and teeth felt a lot cleaner, fresher and just nicer all round....yep a winner!....Give it a try!

Back later

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