Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Week

Over this last week I feel as though I haven't stopped. I have been busy yet done nothing, I know, doesn't make any sense at all!

The loft flooring is all completed except for a small part of the floor which can't be done yet because we need the lad to come and take the chimney stack out and then we can floor that part.

I have spent the week doing housework and heaps of washing.
Thursday we were out most of the day getting our big grocery shop in - Asda, Costco, Tesco, Nutri Centre. Whilst in the Nutri Centre I bought some Carob flakes.....mmm never had those before, I will open the bag and take a pic, probably later today.

On Thursday afternoon/evening I had a girls (Michael's fiancé sister) 45 minute makeup to do for her prom night, I just got finished in time because apparently when she got back to her home the limo was there waiting for her, she wouldn't have been late if the lady who done her hair hadn't taken 2 hours....madness.

I told her I didn't want paying so instead she bought me these:

GORGEOUS! When I told her I didn't want paying, I mean't it so I was not expecting these either, a lovely suprise!

Yesterday, Friday morning I went into town for more of my Loreal hair colours which are only £3.97 in Wilkinsons compared to £5.99 every where else for EXACTLY the same product.
I have to confess to driving to town......TUT TUT!
In the afternoon we went for more of my Green Coconuts....FAB! I buy the lot every time I go there....teehee.
Late afternoon/evening we had our two grandaughters come over and who stayed over last night, that is twice now they have asked to stay, infact, they are still here.

Here they are, our two grandaughters, Ebony and Ellie.

I took this pic last night after their bath and dressed for bed. Ellie is on the left and Ebony is on the right....Our two GORGEOUS Grandaughters!
We are taking them to see and to ride my youngest sisters (Christine) horse later today so I will probably get more pics and post more on here later today.

Here are a few pics of Ebony on my sisters horse, Solo. Ebony LOVED it!! My sister led the horse, unfortunately Ellie was frightened on the horse and wanted to be off as soon as she was put onto Solo's back so we couldn't get any pics of Ellie on Solo.

The pic second up is Ellie grooming Solo.

I received a raw order this morning which included Yacon Syrup which I have never tried before. Pics will follow tomorrow.

Back tomorrow

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