Thursday, 8 July 2010

Weigh In's


As promised, here is the pic of last weeks 'FRESH START' weight. I am classing this as my 1st weigh in.

NEVER IN MY LIFE have I EVER weighed this much!! This is equates to 14st 4lb and I think that about right for the kg?? I think I have worked the kg's out right.


Here is today's weigh in

This equates to 13st 9lb and 88.9kg
So that makes this weeks weigh in a loss of 6.5lb's......YAY ME!!!! Nearly half a stone, that is a good loss!!

I will maybe update later today about life, food, exercise and or beauty but if not then I will be back tomorrow......check back later!

I am thinking of going back to my GP because I am SOOO tired all the time, I fell asleep this morning and then again this afternoon, something isn't right, although it could be stress because my GP has diagnosed me with not only suffering with depression but I am suffering with stress also but raw food should help with all of that, eventually and if it doesn't then maybe an extra visit to see my GP will be needed.

After all of that tiredness talk I decided to treat myself to a non raw Bacon Bun for Lunch and I DID NOT enjoy it, it was NO treat I tell ya, infact I binned some of it, I am losing the taste for meats, it tastes like I am eating pure flesh....YEEEUUUK!!
Eating meats wont help with this tiredness I'm sure, I am my own worst enemy sometimes!

In between sleeps I thoroughly scrubbed my downstairs loo....I LOVE IT When my loo's are clean and fresh!! I will scrub through the bathroom and bathroom loo tomorrow. I done my usual housework this morning also so a tad of activity there although there is a lot to do around here at the moment. I didn't do any actual exercise but like I said, the housework amounts to some sort of activity.

I am thinking of going upstairs now and sorting through my beauty products and sort the shelving and cupboards out, I still haven't put everything back after having to clear things away for the new gas system being installed, SEE, no energy......not like me at all to not put things back straight away! After I have sorted some things out upstairs I might prepare some raw foods i.e. Soak Almonds for milk, Hemp Cream to fill raw Chocolates and anything else I can think of.


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