Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wheatgrass and Raw Nirvana

WHEATGRASS! Yep, it was so tasty this morning....MMMmmm I juiced my Wheatgrass in my Samson and then I put an Apple through straight in with the Wheatgrass and yep! I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was so nice.....ummmm not sure if an Apple is alright to have with Wheatgrass, just incase it alters the Wheatgrass benefits in any way, I don't think it would but I will check just to be sure. Maybe it is best to mix it with a Vegetable....does anyone know? I might try it with Carrot Juice tomorrow.

I received another parcel this morning....WooHoo I had ordered a set of 6 DVD's, 'Raw Nirvana'

The music in the back ground is a little annoying but they are great none the less.
Raw Nirvana

I have posted one of the recipe's below from Raw Nirvana.

Oh! Remember yesterday I made some Raw Chocolate BARS? Well they are now Raw Chocolate pieces...teehee I put them into a freezer bag and put them into the freezer, later I got them out to show Adam and I dropped them.....TeeHee still, it won't spoil the flavour....YUM!

I coloured my hair this morning. I hate it when the grey starts to come through, I feel so untidy.....YEUK!!

I will be back tomorrow.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Wheatgrass & Homemade Choc

So sorry for not getting back a few days ago, I have been feeling very flat, not sure why.

Regards to my rota's, I have decided to start typing my rota's this Monday, a fresh new week.

Right, back to today. I had my first shot of Wheatgrass this morning.....ummmm - it is an aquired taste but I will persevere with it for now although I did drink it neat, the next time I have Wheatgrass juice, tomorrow or Sunday maybe I will juice a piece of Fruit or other Veg first and then add the Wheatgrass juice to that.
Here are a few links to read about the benefits of Wheatgrass juice.

Benefits 1
Benefits 2

Just google Wheatgrass and you will find lots more information about the benefits of drinking Wheatgrass juice.

I received a few raw goodies this last week and here they are

Durian, my first try of Durian, it is DELICOUS!! It does come freeze dried, you can reconsitute it but it is really nice as is.
It is so exciting trying all these NEW flavours in my diet and to know they are all doing me so much good.

I also bought a 5kg bag of Wheat Berries which can be used for my Wheatgrass, making Breads, Crackers etc. Stevia is another item I wanted to try, although this actually states that it is not for human comsumption on the packet which has to be stated by law but it is used in the raw world and is becoming more popular as a natural sweetener in the everyday. 'Sweetener in the Raw'

Stevia 1
Stevia 2

Again you can Google for more information.
As you can see I also bought a new DVD, 'Raw Generation' which is about a day in the life of a raw family.

I'm pleased with my purchases.

This morning I received another order which I wanted because I have ran out of these ingredients.

Raw Living August Offers!
1kg Cacao Powder
500g Cacao Butter
I also sent for a Raw Cacao Chocolate Bar...MMmm

Well, this weekend I am going to be making some Raw Chocolate bars...YUM! And I must get some things in the dehyrdrator, plenty time as it is a long weekend, Bank Holdiday Monday.

I couldn't wait, I made some raw Chocolate today and I have to say, it was better than the bought Raw Chocolate bars but then homemade chocolate can be made to taste.

Here it has just come out of the freezer where it has been setting. I made a couple with the segments and a couple of solid bars. These have come out so well and tasty!!
I will wrap them and maybe store them in the freezer or fridge because it is still warm here in the UK.

I put in some Superfoods i.e.
Purple Corn

Also the main ingredients were:
Pink Himalyan Salt
Cacao Butter
Cacao Powder

Raw Chocolate is healthier than the processed Chocolate because it has no white sugars and bad fats in it, it is all pure and natural and adding the Superfoods gives it more goodness.

Well I will be back later today or tomorrow.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Grocery Shopping

I got up this morning bright and early, actually I got up at my usual time of 6.00am, I do like to see my OH off in the mornings with a kiss and cuddle.....awwwww
After my shower and spruce up I cleaned the Kitchen floor and vacuumed the livingroom and hallway and then I got the boys up, watered and fed them and off to Asda by 8.15am no crowds, no pushing and shoving....PURE BLISS!!

Whilst in Asda I spotted some fab little Silicon Cup Cake cases.

12 Cup Cases, 4 of each colour for £2.50, GREAT! And everlasting. These will be SUPER for when I make Raw Cup Cakes, I might buy another set then next time I am in Asda.
Also whilst in Asda I stocked up with 2 bags of Kale, Spinach, 2 Cauliflowers, Sweet Potatoes, large bags each of White and Red Onions, Carrots, Iceberg Lettuce, Romain Lettuce and another Lettuce...I can't remember which one, Cabbage, Shitaki Mushrooms, Portabello Mushrooms, 4 Fresh Sweetcorn, Aubergine, Celery, Spring Onions, Spring Greens.... ALL of this plus Mousses etc for the boys have ALL fitted in the fridge with LOADS!!! Of room to spare...I don't know myself with all this space AND not forgetting all the foods I already had in my fridge before I went grocery shopping this morning i.e about 10 large Avocado's, a HUGE tub of Tomatoes, HUGE bag of Broccoli, HUGE box of Mushrooms, HUGE tub of Grapes etc etc. The huge things are what I bought from Costco.

On the way back from Asda we popped into Aldi's for some Beetroot, they had none but I bought 3 Mangoes which are now in the fridge. I then went to Lidl's and Netto's for Beetroot...NONE!...UMMMM - I then popped into town to a Fruit and Veg shop...AHA!....BEETROOT - now also in the fridge

When we got back from Asda etc and after putting all the groceries away I went on line and then that was about it, I haven't done much else but tomorrow I am starting my rota's etc so until tomorrow......

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Weigh In

I have lost 0.6lb this morning, not much but still a loss which is what I was hoping for, so I'm taking that.

I checked my scales and last week I actually had lost 1.7lb and NOT 1.3lb so that was a suprise because I had 1.3lb stuck in my mind for some reason.
I am hoping to do a little better on the scales next week because I am going to be incorporating exercise into my days, I thought I should after buying yet MORE exercise DVD's.

Today I started off with Fruit and ground Brazils, I haven't had Lunch yet, I'm not hungry actually.
I have washing in the machine and that is about it for now.

Oh! I WILL be putting my Housework, Beauty and Exercise rota's back up, starting tomorrow or Tuesday. I like structure, it really helps.

Back later or tomorrow

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tired Today

I feel tired today, probably down to my diet over the last few days.

I have started today off with Fruit and ground Brazil Nuts. I noticed that since I have put everything into the new fridge it tastes better and WOW! It is definitely lasting SOOOO much longer, for instance, Peaches, now they would have been soft and shrivelled by now but nope, not in the NEW fridge. I must have got so used to that other fridge, except the tiny size of it, I never got used to that but the fact that it wasn't keeping things to their optimum temperature which could have been dangerous also.

I was thinking of taking the boys to the market this morning where I was going to buy some Beetroot, the Beetroot on the market still have the leaves attached which are very healthy and can be juiced whereas the Beets in Asda don't have the Leaves on them, but anyway, I haven't gone to the market because I just know for a fact that I will end up on that damn sweet stall, I want to keep myself away from all temptations until I'm back into my raw better....again.

I need to get stuck into some housework, so that is on the agenda today and some Beauty, no exercise DVD's they are for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Back later or tomorrow.

Friday, 21 August 2009


Well, I have to say that my raw food hasn't been going as well as I had planned over the last few days but after purchasing a beautiful NEW Fridge Freezer which was delivered yesterday I am raring to go, so I am going to have to pop out at some point and stock up on fresh healthy greens etc.
I did opt for the American Fridge Freezer, there is SOOOO much room in there and I just LOVE IT!!

Oh! Just noticed that we will have to adjust the appears to be a tad higher, thankfully it expalins how to adjust the doors in the book that came with the Fridge Freezer...PHEW!

I didn't want the fridge freezer with the drinks thingy on the front because it takes up loads of room in the freezer and it looks too fuzzy to me, infact, I would have also been happy without the temp control panel on the front but we saved £150 by purchasing this one....well, we couldn't miss the chance of saving £150 now could we? Who would?

Oh! I lost....errrrmmmm.....I think it was 1.3lb in last weeks weigh in and although I haven't been as good over these last few days I have still been having as much raw as possible, so I am hoping for maybe a small loss on the scales again this week.

I ordered a Shazzie Raw order last week which arrived on Monday.

Cheese and Onion Bread
Live Supergreen Flax Crackers
Cacao & Almond Spread

And on Tuesday I received a collection of DVD's and Raw books which I had ordered.

After the Fridge Freezer arrived we popped up to Costco where I bought some more Avocado's and Medjool Dates....WOW! The quality of their produce is FAB! The Avocado's last for ages.
Everytime I go to Costco I keep looking at an adjustable and collapsible over the sink colander type thing but £11 seemed a bit much for it which also included a collapsible sieve I hasten to add but this time I decided I would buy it and when we paid for our items I noticed it was half price.....SCORE! So I paid £5.71 which included the VAT - that is 2 savings over this last week or so.

Well I have had a bit of a spending spree...such fun.

Well I am signing off for now as the Gas man has just telephoned to say he is on his way to do our annual Gas check. So! Where we save in one area it is spent in another because we pay a Gas, electrics and plumbing insurance which also includes our annual checks...ah well, thats life! It is always best to be covered and safe

Back later or tomorrow

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I Scream, You Scream....


I managed to get the Raw Ice cream made and WOW! I gave some to Adam, James wont touch it.....grrrr - anyway Adam said it was much better than any bought Ice cream and that is from a 13 year old boy. I have never been a fan of Ice Cream but I will certainly be making this again. I will make a bigger batch next time so I will have some in the freezer.

Here is a pic of it in the Ice Cream maker. The little specks are Vanilla Seeds, I used a fresh Vanilla Bean and scraped out the seeds...YUM!

And here is a pic of it made although I should have left it to harden a tad more. I set the Icecream maker on soft scoop, next time I will use the firmer setting.

This is an Ani Phyo recipe and here is her You Tube for the Ice Cream.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Whole Fu/Raw Fu

Bunny Berry, founder of Raw Fu is starting a new 100 day challenge on 10th August. If anyone is interested then go here 'Whole Fu' or if you just want raw recipes and ideas then still go to 'Raw Fu'

I popped to Asda yesterday morning and stocked up on some fresh Fruits & Veg etc, of course I have had to force a lot of it into my fridge. I never used to have this problem with my fridge until I went raw, now my fridge is just TOO SMALL! Hence buying a new fridge freezer, probably next week, I am still sussing out which one I think will be the best for our needs and available space in my kitchen.

I made some Almond Milk this morning and had some of that over diced Apple, Buckwheaties, Dates, Nuts and Sunflower Seeds for my Breakfast.
I currently have Sunflower Seeds and Nuts soaking to make that Raw Ice cream that I haven't made yet and the Sunflower Seeds to make some more Paté. I do like that Paté, it is the Nomi Shannon recipe. I put some of it onto my Salads and sprinkle it all with a little Nutritional Yeast which is nice over the Paté.

Back soon