Monday, 21 February 2011

Raw Haul

I received more raw goodies this morning and over the last couple of days...I have such a generous Husband!
I bought a Pie bar from Raw Living last week and it was SOOO delicous I just had to buy some more...YUM! I ordered a few other bits and pieces at the same time.

Also this morning I received my 5kg bag of Wheat Grass and Purple Corn Flour.

This should last me some time, infact I still have some left in the other 5kg bag which has lasted for AAAGES!

Here are a few more pics. This pic is for the goodies I ordered and received from Vivapure. I placed an order with them last year and it took some time to get here but I found out that they had just started trading and were experiencing a few hiccups but I ordered again last week and this order came with no problems, so I will be using Vivapure again!! It is good to find a company that stocks products that are harder to find here in the UK. Coconut Nectar, Dulse Flakes. Oh! I ate the Chocolate Tree Cookies, so I took a pic of an empty packet...teehee but it lets you see that Vivapure stock Chocolate Tree products.

I love Durian! Hence 4 cans. I also bought some bottles of Kombucha, I know I make my own but I wanted to compare and I can be lazy!

Last but not least....check out that 1kg bag of Sundried Tomatoe's....FAAAAANTASTIC! It can be hard to find Sundried Tomatoe's that are not packed in oil and they are SOOO expensive for a tiny bag of them so when I found these, well, I wasn't NOT going to buy a bag.
More Irish Moss. After finding the Mayonnaise recipe on You Tube I just don't want to be without Irish Moss so I can make the mayonnaise whenever I want/need some.

Well then, I think I can safely say that I am well stocked up for the next couple of weeks.
I am still waiting for two more orders to arrive.

Today, I am washing laundry, I have already cleaned my floors this morning.
That is all for now, I may be back later today.

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