Sunday, 13 February 2011

Shopping & Housework

Yesterday, my sister came to visit and she took me to a JTF cash & carry warehouse (my OH had out car) and of course I joined....FAAABULOUS! I am now a member of Costco AND JTF. Whilst in JTF I started spending....naughty! I bought 4 carriage lights for outside my front door and patio door. I bought a guillotine which does straight cuts, wavy cuts and perforation cuts, this will be very handy for James' schooling, I also bought a pair of shoes and other little bits & pieces. I have such trouble with shoes, I HATE buying new shoes because even the softest of shoes rip my feet to bits, I was buying Hush Puppies but these shoes are quite pricey but they are the best and my feet don't suffer with Hush Puppies, I might have to start buying those shoes again.
My OH hasn't installed the carriage lights today because the weather is horrible, it is raining and dull today.

When my OH came home we then popped along to Holland & Barrett's health food store where I bought an oil which is on the same par as Udo's oil, I am still going to order some Udo's oil. I bought some Hazelnuts whilst there so I can have a go at making my own Rawtella...YUM!
After Holland & Barrett we then went to visit my lovely dad who is doing well, he is at home now. On our way home from Dad's we popped into Asda because I needed some Spring Water so I can make some rejuvelac, I am going to make Grezzo Cheese from Allisa Cohens new book.

Today I have been busy none stop! I have cleaned my bathroom and the wall tiles, I have vaccumed the bedrooms and down the stairs and polished my laminate floors and not forgetting heaps of laundry, I now need to get on and make the families evening meal and then I will have a go at starting the rejuvelac and rawtella Oh! By the way I found a Sauerkraut video from the Anne Wigmore Institute, looks good, check it out here!

Well, that is me for now. I will post pics of things I make.

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