Thursday, 24 February 2011

Strawberry Powder....

...weigh in and a present.

I have noticed that some raw food online stores are selling Strawberry powder and because I had a few strawberries that needed using I decided to dehydrate them and grind them down to make my own strawberry powder. I will use this in raw icecream, cookies and maybe try making a fudge with this in. I also dehydrated a few raspberries.....WOW! These fruits take a long time to dehydrate.

Below, a present from my hubby. It arrived today, I am rather excited about this.

Diana Stobo 'Get Naked Fast'
More recipe's, a new DVD, ALWAYS GREAT to have DVD'S! Also Diana's book etc Oh! And nut milk bags, I needed some new nut milk bags...BRILLIANT!
I am still waiting for another little something, cant wait!

The dizziness is still there but not quite as bad, as soon as it has gone I will be able to start exercising. I am hoping it is going to clear up a lot quicker than it normally does!!

The weather today is rather nice, the sun is shinning which is unusual as it is dull so often lately. I LOVE it when it is sunny, I don't like it being too hot, cool and sunny does me.....PERFECT!

I have been good with my raw over these past few days and I am enjoying it and NOT craving the processed foods. Once I get over those first 3 or 4 days of not eating anything processed then I just don't seem to think about them or crave them, I actually start and want the healthier, cleaner, fresher foods.

On the scales this morning I have lost 3lb....WOOOHOOO

I might get back later today!

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