Saturday, 19 February 2011

Willow Tree &....

The results from the pH test.
On Thursday morning I done the test for the acid levels in my body. I had to take two tests to get the result. The first strip read 6.50 which is a tad low and my second test read 7.25 which is a teeny tad high, the best reading to have is 7.0 - but anyway, I would say that these readings read an average of 7.0 so that is about right which I am very pleased about! So I am not acidic....YAY!!

Here is a pic of my Willow tree. It is still in a pot at the moment but I will get it planted in the garden very soon, it can actually be grown in pots anyway, so it is fine in the pot for now.

I have been buying a few more bits and pieces so I will get a pic of those on here tomorrow and Monday.

The weather has been rather dull today which doesn't help with my depression and my eating so today has been a bit hit and miss but I am determinded to get my dehydrator cranked up this weekend.

Night Night for now

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  1. NICE Willow tree sistah! How long does it take to mature and will you keep it in the same spot or move it as it grows? Please keep posting pics as it matures. I love willow trees :-)