Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Some Buys

Yesterday I was so busy and in and out all day that I just didn't get time to update.
We got up bright and early yesterday morning and went grocery shopping before the pushing and shoving started. Straight to Asda for one big grocery shop. When we got back I unpacked everything and put it all away because I wanted to go to Costco also to stock up on fresh produce and I didn't want to be falling over groceries that still needed to be put away when I got back with yet more groceries from Costco. I always do a big shop at Costco.

Costco and another big fruit and veg shop done. I love Costco and the produce is excellent!
My fridge is now well stocked up and YES all of it will be eaten and not just by me, my family love salads. Adam and my OH also take salad sandwiches to work and college most days.

Citrus, avocado, cabbages, cauliflowers, carrots, nuts, romain, tomatoes, mushrooms, fruits, courgettes, aubergines, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, celery etc etc I have to have the full fat milk, margarine etc for the family.

I always like to go to Tesco and the Nutri Centre on the way back from Costco (the Nutri Centre is inside of Tesco)
I got my Sweet Onions and a few other things from Tesco and some bits and pieces from The Nutri Centre.
Here is a pic of Tesco and the Nutri Centre buys yesterday also the Cool Oil and nuts from Holland & Barrett which I bought a few days ago. I also managed to find the Udo's oil in the Nutri Centre, pleased about that!!

I have been looking for larger jars for when I am making my Kombucha tea, I also have been keeping my eye's open for stainless steel bowls....AT LAST! I found these items in Tesco.....FAB! I also spotted a box grater, I already have an electric box grater but this grater will be quicker when I need something done quickly. I did actually buy 4 of the jars but I am using one of them for the rejuvelac.

I also bought a GORGEOUS Willow tree from Tesco which I will show you tomorrow.

Here is the box grater.

Here is my Rejuvelac which will be finished tomorrow evening. I am going to make Grezzo Cheese using Rejuvelac, recipe is from Allisa Cohen's new book.

This morning I received an order from Raw Living.

I bought a Zapper which has a lot of health benefits. It is meant to eliminate parasites in the body and I am thinking because I am tired all the time could that be the reason? This Zapper is also good for Candida and lots of other problems so surely I can only feel good by using this little thing. I am going to put it on the sole of my foot tonight (kept in place by wearing a sock)
I also bought pH strips to check the acid in the body.
As you can see I also bought Lecithin, Cacao Butter, 3 YUMMY jars of Rawtella....YUMMMMMY! And I decided to try the NEW Naked Pie bar.

Back tomorrow with more pics and a pic of the Willow tree.
Night Night

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  1. Hey Sistah! You have yourself quite a "haul" there. I would love to see some of the recipes you create with your grocery haul. I have been looking for a reliable online raw food store so let me ask you...How satisfied are you with the Raw Living online shop? Send me a link so I can check out the Rawtella you love so much..hahaha. What do you use your lecithin, Cacao butter for? I would also like to try that recipe for the Grezzo cheese you make from your Rejuvelac. I miss making my rejuvelac but my wheat berries don't seem to ferment in the colder months like they do in the warmer months. In a couple more weeks I should be able to start making mine regularly again. I will check back with your blog to see the Willow tree.

    Luv ya Sistah!