Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Good title eh? NOT!...TeeHee. Anyway, I was up at my usual 6.00am, showered, dressed, makeup, kids sorted etc. I had to go to the bank....done ΓΌ then to Asda to buy some Spring Greens. Spring Greens are apparently Collards in America and other countries as is our Aubergines are Egg Plants, Courgettes are Zucchinni, Jam is Jelly and the infamous Green Coconut is a Young Thai Coconut to everyone! The list goes on. I will be making Spring Green or Collard Wraps for one of my meals.

I received a new phone today, touch screen...FAB! It's got Sat Nav also, believe me, I need Sat Nav. I was once in Whitley Bay and I wanted to go straight to Newcastle but could I think of which way to go?....NO! So what I did was, I came home and started again and went to Newcastle - someone once told me I should have been a blonde...HO HO HO I have got NO sense of direction.

Should be back later today if I have anything to report. I am thinking of taking pics of all my meals and uploading them on here so I am EVEN MORE accountable.

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