Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday and Easter Bunny

We have lived in this house for 24 years this month and never in all that time have we EVER seen a bunny in or near our home but this morning AND on a Good Friday there he was...THE EASTER BUNNY!....TeeHee

As you can see I threw a carrot out for him from my kitchen window, well, they like carrots don't they? The bunny even looked at it, sniffed it but then put his back to it....BAH HUMBUG! Then my OH went out and put lettuce leaves out for him...probably shouldn't encourage him but HEY! We are looking after the wildlife.

Right then, to yesterday, sorry I didn't get back I couldn't, someone hogged the computer, but anyway I have to have biscuits and other naughties in my house for my kids, grandchildren visiting and not forgetting the biggest baby of them OH! I was very tempted and had a craving to eat those chocolate biscuits BUT I am very pleased to say that I DID NOT succumb to my cravings and temptations and I ate some Banana leather instead....TICK VG to me!! So that is day one successfully under my belt....WoooHooo

Had my usual for breakfast this morning. I am maybe going to try a new recipe today from Rhio's book, Creme Caramel, I will let you know how it turns out and post a pic.


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  1. Aw..... Cute. All we have in North Adelaide are Possums!! ('Not in OUR back yard!!) 'don't like Possums.

    But Bunnies ... ? Oh so c-yute!!

    Happy Easter, Linda.