Monday, 19 April 2010


Well, confession time - I haven't managed to stick to my 100% raw but I am still working on it. I am trying even harder to stick to my raw these last few days and to be more prepared because every single time I eat anything cooked or processed in any way I am getting the most HORRENDOUS acid. I have been getting this for years but I have to say, it is and has got SOOOO much worse and it is there most of the time and I can't help it but I am having to take Gaviscon to help ease it, I am starting to think that maybe I will need to mention it to my GP. After sticking to my raw foods for a few days the acid goes but as soon as I eat something greasy, cooked or processed in whatever way the acid comes back and the worrying thing about acid is that it can be cancer causing.

Anyway, we took a drive to Newcastle yesterday in the attempt to track down Young Thai Coconuts but to no avail....BooHoo! Whilst in Newcastle I did buy a couple of other things some of which were Green Coconuts, now, I have read that Green Coconuts are the young coconuts before they have been shaved......ummm not sure but I thought I would give them a go anyway, they were only £1.45 each so I bought a couple.
Maybe someone out there knows for sure if the Green Coconuts and the Young Thai Coconuts are one and the same, I have looked on the internet about this but there are lots of conflicting reads and You Tubes, so if someone can enlighten me.
My OH has rung a wholesalers today to see if they can get the Young Thai Coconuts in for me and the guy at the wholesalers is going to find out tomorrow.

We first went to China Town in Newcastle to look for the Coconuts which we didn't find but I did find frozen Durian so I bought the last two tubs and I have to say, YES! It does stink the house out....PWOAR! But it is oh so YUMMY! We then went into Lakeland and I managed to find my angled spatula...YEAH! And because they had different sized angled spatula's I bought a 13" and a 9" I am thinking of going back to buy there tapered angled spatula.....ummmm pondering.

Not a lot happening today, Oh! I got an email from my sister and she is coming round in the week, we are going to make some Cacao choccy bars.

Okay then, I might get back later today if I have anything to report.

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