Sunday, 11 April 2010

Have Been Unwell

Yep, I have been a tad unwell, reason? Coconut. I cracked open a brown coconut, drained the water which I have to say it did look a tad suss so after draining the coconut water I broke the coconut in half, looked great, sniffed it, smelled fine, sipped the water....BLEURGH! Nope down the drain it went, double checked the coconut...AHA! The meat nearest the shell was YEUK! About 20ish minutes after the smallest of sips of the coconut water I started to feel decidedly unwell. Over the last few days I have been feeling better and better and I did walk into town on Saturday to stock up on seeds, flax and nuts from Julian Graves as it is closing down and they were clearing all the stock, we are getting a Holland & Barretts instead...should be good!

This is what I bought from Julian Graves, it came to £40 - it should have been easily double that but everything was half price....BARGAIN

By the way, I was sorting the coconuts out to make the Creme Brulée which I did make but they where very rich. No photo at the moment.

Oh! How could I forget? I lost 2lb on the scales in this weeks weigh in....GO ME!

Well, I will be back tomorrow!

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