Saturday, 17 April 2010

All New & Tickity Boo

TeeHee...yep I am feeling fine now, no more slightly dodgy tummy still.

We went and stocked up on Thursday with my healthy foods etc. We went to Asda, Costco, Tesco and the Nutricentre so I am raring to go for another few weeks.

I had my car in for the MOT last week and PHEW! It passed! MOT's for the car can be stressful sometimes. My eldest son Michael took it in for me, I never like to take the car into a garage because they see a woman coming.

We popped in to my sisters on Thursday morning, she hasn't spoke to me for nearly 4 years but I took the plunge and knocked at her door at 8.15am....OOPS! But I haven't seen her since Thursday, I thought she would have popped along here a day or so later but nope, maybe soon....we shall see....or not, whatever the case may be but at least I took the mature approach and broke the ice. My younger nephew didn't even get out of bed to say hello and my older nephew who has now left home, he rang my sister and he didn't ask to speak to me when he knew I was there....ummmm I do hope they aren't blaming me for anything, although there shouldn't be any blame on anyones part because sometimes these things happen. The last time I saw my sister was back in 2006 when I qualified in Beauty Therapy and I dropped a box of choccies and a thankyou card in for the help she gave me, then that was it, I never saw her again.......ummmm

Not a lot else to report for now.


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