Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thai Coconut or Green Coconut?

Well, I opened the Green Coconut and it was EXACTLY the same as a Young Thai Coconut inside. Now then, what I understand about this Coconut saga is that the Green Coconuts are the Young Thai Coconuts before they have been shaved but what it is, is this, Green Coconuts are slightly younger than the shaved Thai Coconuts and sometimes the Green Coconut might only be full of water because it hasn't had time to form the thin layer of meat, but they are one and the same apparently!
Here is the inside of my Green Coconut, what do you think? Is it a Green Coconut or a Thai Coconut?

Click on the picture to enlarge. You can see the thin layer of meat and the very thick husk which gives plenty to shave away and for the husk shaver....teehee to form into the white pointed coconut as pictured below.

YEP! The same Coconuts I would say, and after all of that, I made the Café Gratitude Coconut Cream Pie which is in the freezer (picture will follow) using the Green Coconut, I tasted the cream part but it wasn't as nice and creamy as it was when I made it with the old brown Coconuts.....teehee....no pleasing some folk eh? I am going to attempt the Creme Brulée's again but using the correct Coconut this time; the Green Coconut because the last time I made the Creme Brulée's I used the old brown Coconut and they were rock hard when set and this is probably because I did use the brown Coconuts which have a lot more oil and fat in the meat and I think that is what hardened the brulée.

I am going to try to get back to Newcastle very soon and buy a good few of the Green Coconuts.

I got some bad news this morning. A very lovely lady I know died on Sunday from Cancer, I was so shocked and rather upset. I really got on with this lady, she was definitely one of the good guys! Tracey was only 2 year older than myself and she leaves children, her youngest is 13 years old.
RIP Tracey! You will be missed VERY MUCH!!

I think that is all my news for today.

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