Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 3 & FREE ebook


My OH popped out to Asda for me yesterday, it's so funny because when he goes for me he doesn't need to take a grocery list he just takes his phone and because I love Asda and I know where everything is as I am there OFTEN! I just direct him around the store telling him what to buy....teehee
Anyway, I asked him to get some coconuts, unfortunately it has to be the brown coconuts but I use the method of getting the cream, oil and butter etc out of the ole brown coconuts which enables me to make I think ALL the recipes that include the thai coconuts, I'm not sure if the tast might be slightly different but HEY! A coconut is a coconut, yes? Here is the link to watch how to use the brown coconuts. I didn't manage time to make the creme caramel or creme brulée whatever it is called...teehee I am still hoping to make the creme brulée recipe which I might get done today.
Anyway, back in Asda, I also asked my OH to buy closed cap mushrooms (to make Alissa Cohens pecan and mushroom burgers) portabello mushrooms (to make Michelle K's sandwich) and romaine lettuce etc.

Here is Michelle K's, 'It's A High Raw Life' video for the sandwiches with Penni Sheltons Tomato sauce....YUM!

click the book to take you to Amazon.
I bought Penni's book a few weeks ago from Amazon uk.

I have to say, I get very excited about buying my fruit and veg for my lifestyle and I also get excited about making the raw recipes, this wouldn't have happened at one time although I have felt like this for some time now....WooHoo. To think, at one time I used to get excited about going to the Saturday market to the sweetie stall...MADNESS! I would rather go to Costco or Asda to the fruit and veg aisles any day!

To today. I currently have 4 cups of sweetcorn defrosting because I am planning on making Alissa Cohens corn tortilla's from her book pg 329 but I am going to have to get a wriggle on and get them sorted because they have to half dehydrate then I put the filling in and then they go back into the dehydrator to finish so these should hopefully be done for my evening meal tonight.

Oh! How could I forget this, I stayed raw yesterday also, so that is 2 raw days under my belt now, it feels like it is getting easier already.

I am still looking for the link for the health questionnaire.

Hopefully back later today with foodie pics.

Angela Stokes Monarch has put together a free raw recipe ebook from 12 popular raw food chefs like, Frank Giglio, Bryan Au, Elaina Love, Ani Phyo, Matt Amsden etc etc so to get your free raw recipe ebook then go to: FREE ebook type in your email address then download YOUR free ebook packed with beautiful raw recipe's.

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