Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Whole Fu/Raw Fu

Bunny Berry, founder of Raw Fu is starting a new 100 day challenge on 10th August. If anyone is interested then go here 'Whole Fu' or if you just want raw recipes and ideas then still go to 'Raw Fu'

I popped to Asda yesterday morning and stocked up on some fresh Fruits & Veg etc, of course I have had to force a lot of it into my fridge. I never used to have this problem with my fridge until I went raw, now my fridge is just TOO SMALL! Hence buying a new fridge freezer, probably next week, I am still sussing out which one I think will be the best for our needs and available space in my kitchen.

I made some Almond Milk this morning and had some of that over diced Apple, Buckwheaties, Dates, Nuts and Sunflower Seeds for my Breakfast.
I currently have Sunflower Seeds and Nuts soaking to make that Raw Ice cream that I haven't made yet and the Sunflower Seeds to make some more Paté. I do like that Paté, it is the Nomi Shannon recipe. I put some of it onto my Salads and sprinkle it all with a little Nutritional Yeast which is nice over the Paté.

Back soon


  1. I can only imagine how packed your fridge must be!

    Mine are overflowing (I have 2) after a trip to the farmer's market & we aren't eating raw like you are.

    Hope you find a fridge you like & good luck with the new recipes. The cake looks so moist!

  2. Love almond milk!!! Sounds like you are making lots of healthy choices.