Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wheatgrass and Raw Nirvana

WHEATGRASS! Yep, it was so tasty this morning....MMMmmm I juiced my Wheatgrass in my Samson and then I put an Apple through straight in with the Wheatgrass and yep! I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was so nice.....ummmm not sure if an Apple is alright to have with Wheatgrass, just incase it alters the Wheatgrass benefits in any way, I don't think it would but I will check just to be sure. Maybe it is best to mix it with a Vegetable....does anyone know? I might try it with Carrot Juice tomorrow.

I received another parcel this morning....WooHoo I had ordered a set of 6 DVD's, 'Raw Nirvana'

The music in the back ground is a little annoying but they are great none the less.
Raw Nirvana

I have posted one of the recipe's below from Raw Nirvana.

Oh! Remember yesterday I made some Raw Chocolate BARS? Well they are now Raw Chocolate pieces...teehee I put them into a freezer bag and put them into the freezer, later I got them out to show Adam and I dropped them.....TeeHee still, it won't spoil the flavour....YUM!

I coloured my hair this morning. I hate it when the grey starts to come through, I feel so untidy.....YEUK!!

I will be back tomorrow.

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