Friday, 21 August 2009


Well, I have to say that my raw food hasn't been going as well as I had planned over the last few days but after purchasing a beautiful NEW Fridge Freezer which was delivered yesterday I am raring to go, so I am going to have to pop out at some point and stock up on fresh healthy greens etc.
I did opt for the American Fridge Freezer, there is SOOOO much room in there and I just LOVE IT!!

Oh! Just noticed that we will have to adjust the appears to be a tad higher, thankfully it expalins how to adjust the doors in the book that came with the Fridge Freezer...PHEW!

I didn't want the fridge freezer with the drinks thingy on the front because it takes up loads of room in the freezer and it looks too fuzzy to me, infact, I would have also been happy without the temp control panel on the front but we saved £150 by purchasing this one....well, we couldn't miss the chance of saving £150 now could we? Who would?

Oh! I lost....errrrmmmm.....I think it was 1.3lb in last weeks weigh in and although I haven't been as good over these last few days I have still been having as much raw as possible, so I am hoping for maybe a small loss on the scales again this week.

I ordered a Shazzie Raw order last week which arrived on Monday.

Cheese and Onion Bread
Live Supergreen Flax Crackers
Cacao & Almond Spread

And on Tuesday I received a collection of DVD's and Raw books which I had ordered.

After the Fridge Freezer arrived we popped up to Costco where I bought some more Avocado's and Medjool Dates....WOW! The quality of their produce is FAB! The Avocado's last for ages.
Everytime I go to Costco I keep looking at an adjustable and collapsible over the sink colander type thing but £11 seemed a bit much for it which also included a collapsible sieve I hasten to add but this time I decided I would buy it and when we paid for our items I noticed it was half price.....SCORE! So I paid £5.71 which included the VAT - that is 2 savings over this last week or so.

Well I have had a bit of a spending spree...such fun.

Well I am signing off for now as the Gas man has just telephoned to say he is on his way to do our annual Gas check. So! Where we save in one area it is spent in another because we pay a Gas, electrics and plumbing insurance which also includes our annual checks...ah well, thats life! It is always best to be covered and safe

Back later or tomorrow

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