Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tired Today

I feel tired today, probably down to my diet over the last few days.

I have started today off with Fruit and ground Brazil Nuts. I noticed that since I have put everything into the new fridge it tastes better and WOW! It is definitely lasting SOOOO much longer, for instance, Peaches, now they would have been soft and shrivelled by now but nope, not in the NEW fridge. I must have got so used to that other fridge, except the tiny size of it, I never got used to that but the fact that it wasn't keeping things to their optimum temperature which could have been dangerous also.

I was thinking of taking the boys to the market this morning where I was going to buy some Beetroot, the Beetroot on the market still have the leaves attached which are very healthy and can be juiced whereas the Beets in Asda don't have the Leaves on them, but anyway, I haven't gone to the market because I just know for a fact that I will end up on that damn sweet stall, I want to keep myself away from all temptations until I'm back into my raw better....again.

I need to get stuck into some housework, so that is on the agenda today and some Beauty, no exercise DVD's they are for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Back later or tomorrow.

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