Friday, 28 August 2009

Wheatgrass & Homemade Choc

So sorry for not getting back a few days ago, I have been feeling very flat, not sure why.

Regards to my rota's, I have decided to start typing my rota's this Monday, a fresh new week.

Right, back to today. I had my first shot of Wheatgrass this morning.....ummmm - it is an aquired taste but I will persevere with it for now although I did drink it neat, the next time I have Wheatgrass juice, tomorrow or Sunday maybe I will juice a piece of Fruit or other Veg first and then add the Wheatgrass juice to that.
Here are a few links to read about the benefits of Wheatgrass juice.

Benefits 1
Benefits 2

Just google Wheatgrass and you will find lots more information about the benefits of drinking Wheatgrass juice.

I received a few raw goodies this last week and here they are

Durian, my first try of Durian, it is DELICOUS!! It does come freeze dried, you can reconsitute it but it is really nice as is.
It is so exciting trying all these NEW flavours in my diet and to know they are all doing me so much good.

I also bought a 5kg bag of Wheat Berries which can be used for my Wheatgrass, making Breads, Crackers etc. Stevia is another item I wanted to try, although this actually states that it is not for human comsumption on the packet which has to be stated by law but it is used in the raw world and is becoming more popular as a natural sweetener in the everyday. 'Sweetener in the Raw'

Stevia 1
Stevia 2

Again you can Google for more information.
As you can see I also bought a new DVD, 'Raw Generation' which is about a day in the life of a raw family.

I'm pleased with my purchases.

This morning I received another order which I wanted because I have ran out of these ingredients.

Raw Living August Offers!
1kg Cacao Powder
500g Cacao Butter
I also sent for a Raw Cacao Chocolate Bar...MMmm

Well, this weekend I am going to be making some Raw Chocolate bars...YUM! And I must get some things in the dehyrdrator, plenty time as it is a long weekend, Bank Holdiday Monday.

I couldn't wait, I made some raw Chocolate today and I have to say, it was better than the bought Raw Chocolate bars but then homemade chocolate can be made to taste.

Here it has just come out of the freezer where it has been setting. I made a couple with the segments and a couple of solid bars. These have come out so well and tasty!!
I will wrap them and maybe store them in the freezer or fridge because it is still warm here in the UK.

I put in some Superfoods i.e.
Purple Corn

Also the main ingredients were:
Pink Himalyan Salt
Cacao Butter
Cacao Powder

Raw Chocolate is healthier than the processed Chocolate because it has no white sugars and bad fats in it, it is all pure and natural and adding the Superfoods gives it more goodness.

Well I will be back later today or tomorrow.

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