Monday, 25 May 2009

With Summer Comes More.....


My OH went to B&Q this morning to buy some Ant Bait to get rid of those little suckers once and for all. The bait traps are now all in position. We have NEVER had problems with Ants before, NEVER!! Ah well, there is a first time for everything I suppose. The bait should do the trick.
On the way back from B&Q I asked my OH to pop into Asda to buy a few fresh gorgeous Fruit and Veg....YUM!!

Excuse the Eggs in the background, those are for the family....Ooops! I got my food processor bowl in the pic also, but anyway, the pic is about how gorgeous the Fruit and Veg look...YUUUMMY! Not the Eggs, food processor bowl OR the B&Q receipt....teehee

Portobello Mushrooms
Tray of Cauliflower & Broccoli

I was watching my Shazzie DVD and she was making some Parsnip Mash although it looked like she used a Turnip, it did state Parsnip on the recipe.....teehee I have decided to try Shazzie's recipe, hence the Parsnips in the few groceries. I will be using my Samson Juicer for the Parsnip Mash, I LOVE that machine.

The Broccoli is for going on top of Raw Pizza and the Cauliflower is for making Popcorn, Popcorn using Caulifower I hear you ask? Watch below to find out how to make Popcorn, the RAW way.


It is a BEAUTIFUL, WARM, BRIGHT, SUNNY bank holilday Monday here in the UK and all I have done today is Vacuum, Washing, hung washing out, got the dishwasher going and that is about it, not a lot really.

I had Mushroom Caps and Salad for my evening meal.....YUM!!
The filling for the Mushroom Caps was a Guacamole (SP) type filling. I also sprinkled a few Mung Bean Sprouts over my Salad and finished the whole meal with a sprinkling of Amino Acids.
The Mushroom Caps recipe is in Alissa Cohen's book.

I am so full now after my evening meal.

Amino Acids can be hard to find in the UK but I have managed to purchase it from Total Raw Food and my local Nutri Centre.

Well that is about it for today, I am now off to sort everything out i.e. tidy and clean the Kitchen, bring the washing in, and sort myself out for the evening....wind down......ahhhhh!

Sleep well.

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