Friday, 29 May 2009

Yesterday & Today

Well, yesterday I wasn't feeling too good but I am feeling alright today.

This morning I had my usual Fruit and ground Brazil Nuts for Breakfast, Lunch was two Nori Sheets with Avcoado rolled inside, I know, not very exciting but I just couldn't muster up any energy to prepare anything else. I had a Banana mid morning. My evening meal tonight is going to be a medley of Vegetables i.e. Peas, Sweetcorn, grated Carrots, Peppers, Red Onion etc with Olive Oil, Garlic Powder, Onion powder and anything esle I fancy throwing in.

And here it is, my Vegetable Medley this evening.

I just eat it straight from the bowl I prepared it in, well, it's just for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening meal....YUM!

Oh! Just remembered, I did snaffle two little, teeny-weeny toffee's today.....ummm not raw I know and not very exciting to eat either. I could have made some lovely raw Fudge or raw Cookie's OR ANYTHING RAW! Instead of eating 2 measly Toffee's.
I don't often make Fudge or Cookie's etc because they are often made with Nuts and I am trying to not eat too many Nuts because they do have fat in them and too many Nuts are not all that good for the digestive system although they will be better than Toffee's and if I had made some raw Fudge or Cookies then I doubt I would have scoffed 2 toffee's, ah well, what is done is done.

I am still going to get my walk in and some pics although, if I'm honest I will probably just wait until next week when I get the school walks in.

I might be weighing in tomorrow instead of Sunday, I never did plan to stick to Sunday weigh in's I just wanted to get a fresh start immediately at the time hence weighing in last Sunday.

Well I think that is all for now.

Sleep Well!!

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