Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Grow Old Gracefully

When I got up and flitted around doing my usual jobs and after my shower and Breakfast of my usual Fruit and ground Brazil nuts we (the boys are on half term school holidays) decided to take a walk up to Aldi's, I wanted some Mangoe's, Spinach, Lemons and Limes and my OH wanted a bag of Sugar. I managed to buy everything I needed...FAB! Usually it is a case of one shop for one thing and another shop for the other, anyway, whilst in Aldi's I grabbed a free booklet. When I got home I had a very quick look through the booklet and found this:


I done this age me and YEEEUUU! SHOCKING! To say the least. Things like this spur me on to stick to raw because although I am happy to grow old gracefully I do want to keep as many lines at bay as I possibly can.

The Age Me pics aren't the best but it is worth a go, go on give it a go!!

Before in 2005 with my first granddaughter, Ebony

And after putting my pic through AGE ME

Look at that mouth,eyes and forehead.....YEEEUUU There is hope, sticking to raw food and exercise should help considerably, at least I got a walk in this morning which is about the length of one way of the school walk.

Adam has just come up to me, looked at the computer screen and asked in a shocked tone of voice, "who the heck is THAT?".....teehee I told him it is me aged and he replied, "I'm sorry mam but you look really ugly there, will I have left home by then?"....teehee I gotta laugh but at least I am on the right path for keeping healthy and beautiful inside and out.

I made some Raw Banana and Cashew Icecream for my evening meal....MMmm

I am going to make some Fakin Bacon and get it in the dehydrator tonight, I might make some other things also to fill the deyhdrator, not sure what to make else yet though, I will scour my Raw uncook books.

Sleep well

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