Sunday, 31 May 2009

All Nutted Out

It has been said it is the hottest day of the year so far here in the UK and it isn't officially Summer....WOW! I have to say, it has been boiling hot today, I don't like it too hot.

After my Breakfast of Fruit and ground Brazil Nuts we decided to go to Costco where I bought Avocado, Seedless Grapes and Medjoul Dates. Medjoul Dates cost a fortune but they are a bargain for a large tub from Costco, infact Costco is FAB! For most things.

Whilst out my OH mentioned he needed a new Dremel and B&Q was the place to go as they have 15% off most things at the moment which ends today but has been extended for one more day until Monday....lucky for us, so on our way back from Costco we passed one B&Q but decided we would go to the B&Q closer to home - out of stock......grrrr so we slightly doubled back on ourselves and tried another B&Q - out of stock.....GRRRR so we then literally doubled back on ourselves to the B&Q beside Costco and FINALLY! A new Dremel. We started our journey back home which is quite a way from our house and then suddenly, "mam I'm hungry" James. We popped into Asda on the way back home to buy a Pastie each for the boys for a quick snack until their evening meal.....the Bakery items were all but sold out except Bread Buns, well it was getting late in the day. I wanted Banana's from Asda, sold out.....hummmfffff. I grabbed some Oreo's for the boys, I confess to having one biscuit off each of the boys but after I had eaten them I remembered that I had just bought Grapes from Costco which were still in the boot of the car......GGGGRRRRRR I could have had something raw, Grapes! And they would have obviously been better for the boys also, ah well, it's done now, actually, I like to wash Fruit etc before eating them, although I could have wiped them on a clean tissue.

When we got home I was still hungry so I sat and ate a bag of Macadamia Nuts.....more Nuts.....oops! Too many Nuts in one day ain't good and the fat content ain't good either.
Later in the day it was red hot in the Kitchen and I could NOT be doing with preparing myself something for my evening meal after standing making the families evening meal so I ended up preparing MORE Fruit and yet MORE ground Brazil Nuts......Arrgghhh! At least it was all raw, except for the 2 Oreo's that I ate earlier and which were a total waste of time because they didn't even slightly satisfy me, but then they wouldn't would they?

When I got home and whilst eating my Macadamia Nuts I ordered Bryan Au, Raw In 10 Minutes book, I can't wait, I love getting new raw books.

I am doing the school walk tomorrow morning which I am looking forward to and when I get back and after my Breakfast I will be getting stuck into extra cleaning around the house and I might, just might get to spend a few minutes relaxing in the garden.....ummmm.

Well that is me for now, all nutted out.

Sleep well


  1. I love knowing you have a Costco's in the UK. Somehow I never think about things like that. Congrats on the loss!!! Your doing awesome.

  2. Yep we do have Costco over here, it's FAB!

    Thankyou for the congrats!

    Hugs x