Sunday, 24 May 2009

Start weigh in....

And it isn't good but it is a starting point.....191.6lb - yep thats for real. I have noticed my weight has been creeping up and up and it is sickening and depressing me.....A LOT!!
I will also start some body measurements.

I started my day off with Fruit and ground Brazils although I found it to be rather tasteless this morning, maybe my taste buds weren't quite awake....teehee because I usually thoroughly enjoy that for Breakfast.

This afternoon I noticed I was feeling a tad hungry and without thinking I found myself eating half a bag of Fruit sweets then I started nibbling on Halva.....arrrggghh! In the bin went the remaining half of the Halva and I gave the rest of the Sweets to Adam....the kids don't like Halva.
Now what am I having for my Raw evening meal?.....Ummm...I wonder, spoilt for choice really, I have plenty good stuff in the cupboards and I have all the equipment to make raw meals....

I decided to have one of my favourites, Alissa Cohen Raw Pasta Marinara....YUM!!
I used my NEW Saladacco. It does beautiful Angel Hair Pasta.

I used Courgette (Zuchinni) peeled first. Take a look at just how gorgeously fine this raw Pasta has come out using the fantastic Saladacco.

Here is the end result, Raw Pasta Marinara.

Although not a great quality pic you can still see how it twirls around the fork.

I was going to make some Raw Banana Ice cream for afters.....ummm maybe not very good food combining. We are told not to eat Fruit after a meal as it sits in the stomach and can't digest very well if eaten straight after eating something other than Fruit, anyway, I am not so hungry now that I have eaten my Pasta Marinara.

I have washed some Kale so I am going to make Cheesy Kale and get that into the dehydrator tonight.

Sleep well!

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