Saturday, 30 May 2009

Weigh In

I precariously stepped onto the scales this morning remembering that I am actually weighing in a day early, so that is only a 6 day week this week......YIKES! A day can make all the difference on the scales but step on I did....ANNNND.....GASP......ARRRRGGGHHHH.......SHOCK


I am now weighing in at........184.3lb that is a loss of....7.3lb this week, that is over half a stone - I am TOTALLY SHOCKED!! I don't think I have EVER lost that much in 6 days.....wooohoo
I am hoping that with doing the school walks next week and following a raw diet then I should do well in next weeks weigh in also.

I have to confess to having a bit of Chocolate today as a small celebration but I did have little bits and pieces of naughties last week also and still done well because I am mostly raw, about 95% I am aiming to be 100% raw.

Because of having a little Chocolate this morning I decided to have a Green Smoothie for Lunch.
In my FANTASTIC!! Vitamix I added:

Bee Pollen
Filtered Water

and VOILA! A BEAUTIFUL Green Smoothie

This Smoothie is DELICOUS! I am going to drink the lot. We are supposed to sip our Green Smoothies which will last me a while.

(excuse the background we still need to tile the walls after recently skimming the walls)

Should get back later today


  1. That was such an imopressive weigh-in, Linda.

    I am interested in your change of food-management, to a "raw" diet. I haven't heard of it before. (I will Google.)

    I do like the look of your Saladacco ('will Google that, too.) I bought something similar some time ago, but the results were not nearly as good as you are getting.

    I hope that you continue in the direction that you are going.

    Be encouraged!

  2. Sorry, about the typo.

    "That was such an IMPRESSIVE weigh-in, Linda!

  3. Thankyou Audrey, I was so shocked, never have I ever done so well in ONLY 6 days....I hope for more like that, got to live in hope!

    Hugs xx