Friday, 25 June 2010


Phew! What a week! The new heating system is now fully installed after a few hiccups....OOps! 2 small floods where one small flood was running down the wall and into one of our light sockets....teehee Well, gotta laugh BUT! Gotta say also that the main thing is it was sorted rather swiftly. Once the new system was completed and the lads were doing their checks they discovered yet another leak albeit smaller but again this one could have been rather major because it was to do with a crushed pipe which would have eventually burst, but once the new system was pressurised this new leak revealed itself which was a small pin hole at first but could suddenly have gone with such force into a larger hole....Oh dear! But the biggy was in the flood.....THANK GOODNESS! BUT! All I can say is that when the lads started to GENTLY remove the water tank (the lads of course drained it before moving it) in the loft a HUGE lump of rust came away from the side bottom of the tank, now, this is a galvanised steel tank yet it still must have been in for donkey's years.
I do believe we got our new heating system installed JUST IN TIME!!! It is said that things come in three's, well, that was the 3! And thank goodness the lads were still here for all three.....PHEW!!!!! The pipes and the water tank were all on borrowed time!
Our new gas heating system is now fully installed, checked and running, it took 2 days but thank goodness it is all done, now we can get on with stripping walls and laying new flooring.....WoooHooo

I went into my garden this morning to hang some laundry out on my whirly washing line.....well, what a carry on, after I had just about filled the whirly it flew up, down, round etc...yep, bits of the rods bent, the line itself was on the ground along with my laundry still attached, one of the rods pinged out and I ended up wrapped up inside of the whole line and rods.....teehee...what a sight I must have been, thankfully it was early in the morning so my neighbours wouldn't have looked into my garden and seen me, well, I hope they weren't up early and looking out of their upstairs windows....teehee

Right then, over the last couple of days I have received 3 different sized Ice Cream scoops a 3cm, 39cm and a 49cm, I wanted these so I can make perfect bite sized raw maccaroons etc.

I received yet another raw order of delicousness this morning from another FAB web...I LOVE IT! Pic to follow.

This afternoon we popped back to the Asian store for MORE Green Coconuts....well, I can de-do them....teehee and freeze the meat and water and always have Green Coconut insides to hand.

Back soon!

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