Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Last Few Days...

Have been busy, although having said that, Sunday was a very lazy day.....nice though! My sister and nephew, Stephen visited on Sunday afternoon and we made some raw Chocolate. Stephen is suddenly a grown up, I say this because the last time I saw him was 4 years ago and he was still at school but he is 20 years old this time flies!! He is doing very well in his career.

Bank Holiday Monday was a lovely hot sunny day. We started off by clearing rubbish out from the shed and my OH took it up to the amenities. After we done some clearing out work we went to my sisters home where we collected a GORGEOUS pine desk which I think will look better in my living room when we have the laminate flooring down, my desk at the moment is lovely but it is quite a dark wood. We sat in my sisters garden for a while and then I got some plant clippings for my garden, my sister is very green fingered, everything grows for her.

Tuesday I popped to Asda for a few bits and pieces and then I went into town with Michael and bought him his car tax as an extra little Birthday gift. Michael is now one happy chappy!! Money well spent when it puts a smile on our kids faces, no matter how old they get!!

Today I popped into town again and then back home. It is another lovely warm sunny day. I am onto my third load of washing which I should get hung out in the garden.
I have been good with my raw today and I am hoping to stay that way.

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